Southeastern Ohio Health Provider Partners with Medicom Health to Lower Medication Cost for Patients

New Electronic Medical Record Add-On Automates the Delivery of Rx Discounts at Enterprise Scale

Southeastern Ohio Health Provider Partners with Medicom Health to Lower Medication Cost for Patients
Minneapolis, MN, October 06, 2020 --( Medicom Health is pleased to announce that Genesis HealthCare System has chosen to deploy their Rx Savings Assistant® solution as part of their ongoing commitment to improving medication adherence and reducing patient readmissions.

Genesis HealthCare System is an integrated health care delivery system and the largest health care provider in its six-county region of southeastern Ohio. Their mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care.

Medicom Health's new Rx Savings Assistant® software is a simple way for health systems to instantly increase prescription fills by making them more affordable for more patients. This technology supplements other patient assistance programs and leverages their electronic medical record (EMR) investment.

The solution is a plug-in module for EMRs like Epic and Cerner. It listens for new prescriptions and searches external databases for matching discount offers from various partners. Medicom Health’s technology adds brand name and generic savings offers into the patient records automatically. The discounts are easily available on the printed paperwork handed to each qualified patient at discharge. Because the system runs behind the scenes, it does not alter physician workflow or influence prescribing.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers already provide discounts and free trial offers through DTC channels, but most patients don't take advantage of them for various reasons, including awareness and access issues. This clinical channel is both more effective and more efficient.

“Reducing patients’ medication costs improves their adherence and ultimately their health,” says Tony Huth, President of Medicom Health. “We can move the needle on adherence because of the volume and quality of our discounts, and friction-free delivery. Every qualified patient automatically has effortless access to discounts, potentially for every prescription.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve access to medications for our patients, especially given the rising rate of unemployment,” said Linda Suplee, population health strategist at Genesis HealthCare System. "Helping patients afford their medications ultimately improves outcomes and reduces readmission rates."

Increased adherence results in many benefits to patients and providers, including better outcomes, patient satisfaction, pharmacy revenues, and more. Hospitals in the United States are accountable for resulting readmission costs, poor outcomes, and low HCAHP scores.

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