Pivot Coldbrew Launches "the World's First California Chill-Brew" at Erewhon Natural Markets

Premium Coffee + Nootropics + Adaptogens + Botanicals. Good energy for "the better buzz"

Pivot Coldbrew Launches "the World's First California Chill-Brew" at Erewhon Natural Markets
Los Angeles, CA, October 08, 2020 --(PR.com)-- A new and innovative disruptor to the cold brew category, Pivot Coldbrew launched what it’s calling “The World’s First California Chill-Brew,” at Erewhon Natural Markets on October 1, 2020.

Pivot Coldbrew represents the first ready-to-drink premium coffee to use a proprietary combination of nootropics – naturally-derived “cognitive enhancers,” or brain nutrients, to optimize the functional effects of caffeine. The result is a premium cold brew coffee that delivers a more sustained, more mellow, and relaxed energy for greater mental clarity and focus.

“Consumers want more from their coffee beverages today. They want great taste and functional benefits without feeling on edge, anxious or jittery,” says David Stroud, President of Pivot Coldbrew, “and nobody’s a fan of the caffeine crash.” The Pivot Coldbrew proprietary energy stack of nootropics, adaptogens and botanicals is designed to deliver “Good energy for the better buzz,” as Stroud describes it. “Fuel for both the brain and body with a little added immunity boost for good measure. It is a product for our times.”

How’s Pivot Coldbrew’s taste? “Uncompromising,” says Stroud. “Made with carefully sourced and curated, single-origin 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, Pivot Coldbrew is a coffee lovers cold brew. We carefully customized our roast levels to provide robust coffee flavor while maintaining notes of citrus and chocolate. All five flavors are mellow, sophisticated and refreshing. The functional benefits are revolutionary, but if we cut corners on taste, we’ve failed as coffee lovers.”

Pivot Coldbrew Coffee Details:

Proprietary Energy Stack ingredients with clinically proven benefits:
- Cognizin® Citicoline (nootropic): fuels and nourishes the brain for greater mental stamina
- Alpinia Galanga (nootropic & botanical): natural caffeine amplifier – extends energy with no crash
- L-Theanine (nootropic): calm focus
- Reishi (adaptogen): immunity booster
- L-Ergothioneine (nootropic): natural cellular protection

Incredible Premium Coffee
- Well sourced, carefully curated single origin 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South America
- Optimally roasted to produce distinct coffee roast levels with notes of citrus and chocolate
- Perfectly brewed to craft a great tasting cold brew with a rich body and smooth finish

5 Flavors and Nutrition Facts:
- Fearless Black: 5 calories and 0 Sugar
- Laid-Back Black: 5 Calories and 0 Sugar
- Perfectly Sweet: 25 Calories and 5g Sugar
- Harmonious Vanilla: 40 Calories and 5g Sugar
- Rejuvenating Ginger: 35 Calories and 7g Sugar

About Pivot Coldbrew
For people who want to live life to the fullest, Pivot is the world’s first chillbrew. A precision-crafted blend of cold brew, with proven adaptogens, nootropics and botanicals to transform cold brew into good energy. Born and brewed in Los Angeles, CA, Pivot Coldbrew produces small batch cold brew at their state-of- the art facility in Commerce, CA. Pivot Coldbrew sources coffee beans from a local 120 year-old family roaster and has worked with coffee and formulation specialists to achieve the premium high quality product. The proprietary energy stack was formulated by a renowned ethnobotanist. We believe in creating good energy that radiates and always adds to others’ lives.

Connect with Pivot Coldbrew on social media @pivotcoldbrew. Learn more at www.pivotcoldbrew.com
Pivot Coldbrew
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