The Lurnist Show Celebrates Women Working in Agile

Debra Hildebrand, CEO and Founder of LurnAgile, an Agile training and coaching firm, starts a BusinessRadioX show that highlights women working in the Agile field.

The Lurnist Show Celebrates Women Working in Agile
Phoenix, AZ, October 23, 2020 --( LurnAgile, an Agile Training and Coaching firm, announced today that it’s Founder and CEO, Debra Hildebrand, is starting a Business RadioX show called The Lurnist Show and will celebrate women working in Agile. The show format is an interactive discussion about the Agile field between Ms. Hildebrand, her producer and co-host Lauryn Jenne, and two invited female guests who are working in the Agile field.

“Our mission for the show is to highlight these women and their accomplishments in order to create role models for young women in high school and/or college who are thinking about a career in technology,” said Debra. “Agile is a field within the technology industry that has many paths for a young woman to excel in, we want to promote that.”

Part of this mission is hiring a female college intern each year to work on the show and get exposed to the industry, practice Agile methods, and to meet and network with the guests. “Our first intern, Lauryn Jenne, from the University of Washington, Bothell is doing amazing work as the producer and co-host of the show,” says Debra. Lauryn is a senior at the university and is graduating with a degree in Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. Her goal is to work in the technology field and finds Agile to be the right fit for her career goals.

“Working on The Lurnist Show has opened my eyes to the possibilities I have with my degree,” states Lauryn. “I can work as a product manager or scrum master, which suits my interests more than becoming a programmer. The women I have met so far are amazing, and willing to give advice and help whenever I need it.”

Guests of the show include women from all over the agile field including Entrepreneurs who own Agile Training and Coaching companies, CEO’s of companies like AgilityHealth, scrum masters and product owners from companies like Wells Fargo, DevOps experts and Agile Coaches from companies like SalesForce.

The show is broadcast live every fourth Tuesday of the month on the Business RadioX network. Future guests and past episodes can be found on The Lurnist Show website:

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