Neighborhood Fiber Co. (NFC) Gives, Gifts & Grants Change

Karida Collins founded the Neighborhood Fiber Co. (NFC) in 2006. Today, NFC is known throughout the globe for its vibrant hand-dyed yarns named for the colorful neighborhoods of Baltimore City. Now, Collins is leveraging her Art, Crafting and Fashion base into a social justice initiative, NFC Momentum Fund. The NFC Momentum Fund has raised over $100,000 and is providing much needed and well serving grants to the smallest community based organizations on the frontline of need, impact and change.

Neighborhood Fiber Co. (NFC) Gives, Gifts & Grants Change
New York, NY, December 01, 2020 --( Something happened on her path to a Ph.D. or JD degree, a friend introduced Karida Collins to knitting and she was hooked. Not content to simply knit, Collins created the Neighborhood Fiber Co. (NFC), and has leveraged her base into a social justice initiative support system via the NFC Momentum Fund. NFC is a hand-dyed yarn business in Baltimore City well known for its vibrant colors named for the lively neighborhoods that make up America’s most charming city. NFC ships yarn all over the world, providing Collins a specialized global platform to engage. As we enter the annual holiday and gift-giving season unlike no other, NFC continues its commitment to giving, gifting and granting all year long.

Compelled in the wake of the nation’s most recent social discord, Collins set a goal to raise $10,000 to help her community‘s most vulnerable residents. The fund raised the $10,000 in just 6-hours. Within 24-hours, Collins raised over $25,000, and to date she has received over $100,000 in donations through the NFC Momentum Fund. With this capital, NFC has provided critical financial support to the smallest community based organizations (CBOs), effectively becoming a micro grant juggernaut backing these unsung CBOs on the frontline of reconstructing contemporary American life with considerate impact on real people and to real lives. Collins does not want to stop her efforts.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee and now based in Baltimore, Maryland, where she is raising two sons, Collins holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and a Master’s degree in American Studies from The George Washington University. As the nation moves into the gift-giving season towards a new Executive Administration, the NFC Momentum Fund is the ideal organization to consider. NFC directly touches individuals, communities, and organizations on the frontlines of creating and shaping the post New Normal World.

Collins is transforming her knitting passion into generosity with the goal of unraveling the hate and systemic shortcomings woven into the fabric of America. “It felt like it’s what my hands should have always been doing.”


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