New Workwear Brand LIBAERTY for Women in Heavy-Duty Industries Launches During Women’s History Month

LIBAERTY builds durable clothes that fit right and look good uniquely for women that work on construction sites, factory floors and farm fields.

New Workwear Brand LIBAERTY for Women in Heavy-Duty Industries Launches During Women’s History Month
Chicago, IL, March 04, 2021 --( LIBAERTY, LLC, a company that builds workwear uniquely for hard working women, today announces the launch of its online store. Largely overlooked for decades, women in manually demanding industries ranging from construction to manufacturing to agriculture can now get their hands on clothes made for female body proportions, constructed for and equipped with features for tough work and designed to look good. The company’s first batch of high-visibility shirts is available now, followed by a pair of form-fitting work pants as well as an insulated duck canvas vest that can be secured via pre-order with shipping scheduled for March 19, 2021.

The new clothes have been developed and perfected over a year and a half by teaming up with a designer and professor for fashion at the Art Institute of Chicago, conducting interviews with working women and extensive real-world design testing by tradeswomen on construction sites in Chicago. “During my ten years in construction materials, I saw first-hand women wearing boxy, clumsy men’s wear that did not fit. Through many conversations with tradeswomen I quickly understood that women want workwear that is the real deal, simply designed for female body shapes,” explains Tobias Pagel, Founder & CEO of LIBAERTY.

LIBAERTY is launching with two lines: an "ALL-DAY Collection" made up of rugged garments for everyday heavy-duty work using sturdy fabrics such as duck canvas and bull denim, as well as an ANSI compliant "HI-VIS Collection" for hazardous work environments where high-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is crucial. Additional styles of the new workwear range will release in the course of 2021 and include various jackets, coats, insulated vests as well as pants.

In most “traditionally male” industries women are still in the minority. They make up about a quarter in agriculture, 16% in mining, oil & gas and 10% in construction for example. However, in these three industries alone this translates into two million women. Five million more work in the manufacturing sector and in trucking. By comparison, this pales the 380,000 active female physicians in the U.S. Yet, for the most part until now women have had few or inadequate choices for tough workwear. Consequently, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) lists the lack of proper fitting clothes as one of the main risks facing women in the construction industry.

“Female ranchers, builders, and trade workers do the same work men do. But because of little to no choice, they have been forced to wear men’s clothes,” states Tobias. He adds: “We are thrilled to offer women the quality workwear they deserve, so they can look themselves, get the job done and feel confident. People say, 'clothes make a man.' We say LIBAERTY makes a hard working woman.”

At LIBAERTY we support hard working women be their best by providing the quality workwear they deserve. We create workwear that fits women right and endures the toughest conditions so that they can excel and feel good in their job. The company was incorporated in March 2019, is privately held and based in Chicago.

Tobias Pagel
(312) 569-0714