The First "Crypto Hotel" Presented by Hotel Manager Johannes Fritz Groebler / the First NFT Hotel Run on Ethereum

UNYCU accomplished a new chapter in its history with the unveiling of the Crypto Hotel. The Crypto Hotel is the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) hotel worldwide. It exists only in digital form and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. There is no other hotel in the world that can be compared to the Crypto Hotel. As this hotel is digital, it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

The First "Crypto Hotel" Presented by Hotel Manager Johannes Fritz Groebler / the First NFT Hotel Run on Ethereum
Heidelberg, Germany, May 04, 2021 --( In the current pandemic, the situation is very difficult, especially for hotels. A real challenge. Well-known hotels all over the world, in tourist regions and cities, are currently closed. The Crypto Hotel offers a fictional perspective and conveys a "desire to travel." Their vision is to create the very first hotel that is 100% on the blockchain. The blockchain and crypto scene has inspired us at UNYCU to create and develop this unique hotel project.

About the Crypto Hotel
The Crypto Hotel is an urban hideaway where modern luxury meets tech. Design, technology, service excellence, and sustainability play an important role. The Crypto Hotel has 100 rooms including executive rooms and suites. The hotel is close to Crypto City, Crypto Forrest, and Crypto Mountain. Looking out of the hotel rooms, you will enjoy a great view over the open sea, the beach, the pool area, and the Crypto golf course. The Crypto Hotel has several restaurants, bars, casinos, theater, wellness spaces, spas, a lobby, and meeting and conference spaces. There is a crypto farm and a crypto garden for individual hotel supplies. Energy is obtained from solar panels and wind power. Sustainability plays an important role in development and creation. The entire landscape, the hotel surroundings, the hotel, and all hotel rooms are gradually designed and published.

Like all legends, the Crypto Hotel never sleeps. Concerts, exhibitions, culinary events, parties, yoga, and lots more are taking place here - but everything is based on a virtual world and blockchain. A cosmopolitan and "tech-way-of-life" meets the old-world hospitality glamour at Crypto Hotel. Enter a world full of design, elegance, technology, and colors. The Crypto Hotel is waiting to be discovered.

NFT & blockchain technology
Blockchain is an online list containing information that can be used and shared within a large network open to the public. The technology permits pieces of information to be checked and stored safely. An NFT is like a unique digital certificate tied to a unique digital asset - one of a kind. It is something that only exists in the digital world. It is based on a technology called blockchain, which is also used with digital currency systems known as cryptocurrency. UNYCU uses this blockchain technology to create the first "Crypto Hotel." In this way, digital areas of the hotel can be bought and sold from anyone – anywhere at anytime. While everyone can see the "Crypto Hotel," only the buyer has official ownership rights to the objects.

The Crypto Hotel's future
They are rolling out this project as an NFT project - the first NFT hotel 100% in the blockchain. There are many more ideas and there doesn't seem to be any limit to what is possible in the blockchain world. They love to try new things and to break new ground, this was also the reason why UNYCU Hotels was founded. They believe that the "old way" of doing things is over now - especially in the hospitality industry. Everything will change from now on, especially tourism and hotels, according to the founder Johannes Fritz Groebler.

About the founder Johannes Fritz Groebler
The founder of UNYCU Hotels, Johannes Fritz Groebler, is the winner of the German Design Awards Special Mention, the Creativity Awards (Gold), designer of “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World” and author of “Fake Hotels.” Also director of the “SYTE Hotel” and developer of “Crypto Hotels.” He grew up in South America - Brazil and has a real passion for travel, tourism, and the hotel industry. The most fascinating things that inspire him when he travels are the colors, the culture and the design. This is what the UNYCU world is all about. At UNYCU, unique and individual hotels are created, developed, but above all marketed.

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