AcreageWay Launches Blockchain Platform Allowing Everyone to Access Commercial Real Estate Investments

AcreageWay Launches Blockchain Platform Allowing Everyone to Access Commercial Real Estate Investments
Oshawa, Canada, June 24, 2021 --( New blockchain technology, developed by Ontario based startup AcreageWay, is changing the way we invest in real estate, allowing anyone - not only multimillion-investors - to legally invest.

For the average, hardworking Ontarian, opportunities for investment have always been limited. Investing in institutional and commercial real estate opportunities is quite capital intensive, heavily regulated, very manual and segregated, reserving these types of opportunities only for investors with deep pockets, with a cap on how little dollars can be invested. Also, real estate investments are not liquid and must be held long term in order to reap benefits and, as they are non-tradeable, have no short-term exit strategies available. Add in the limited transparency that Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) offer in terms of how funds are invested and how profits are managed or distributed, as well as the low ROI that financial institutions offer, strict compliances and complex paperwork - and you have an environment that makes it almost impossible for the average person to participate in the investment of real estate like the big players can.

AcreageWay’s one-of-a-kind platform is changing this. Its unique form of ownership is bridging the gap between average, working class Ontarians and opportunities for investment by raising them to the same level as the "big pocket" and institutional investors, allowing them to invest in real estate similar to how they can with stocks and funds.

AcreageWay’s platform utilizes bulletproof blockchain technology and AI to tokenize traditional real estate assets, enabling anyone to diversify real estate portfolios, mitigate risk and have access to real estate deals without the need for large capital outlays and, for sole investors, without the need for a mortgage nor having to become a landlord. It provides the average person with a micro investment strategy - as low as 1 token worth $1000 - that can be spread over multiple properties. By breaking down investment into small pieces, AcreageWay allows small to medium-sized investors to choose how much to invest, and when, without the need for proof of funding or credit scores. It also provides short-term investment portfolios - as short as three months - with higher and faster ROI than what flips and new builds can offer in the long term.

It’s a digital EMD (Exempt Market Dealer) meaning that it ensures that each client’s personal, financial and investment profile is understood and confirmed prior to any trading activity and offers a public and decentralized way to store land records and/or titles to avoid any misrepresentation or fraud. Connecting all players in one unified, transparent and secure ecosystem, AcreageWay’s platform secures and stores all transactions in a way that cannot be tampered with and its smart contracts eliminates the hassle of excessive manual paperwork and middlemen with regards to the instant trading of assets.

“As the co-founder of a real estate venture, my desire to generate short and long-term ROI on property investments was met by several hurdles that drove my margins down,” says cofounder of AcreageWay Aditya Koparde. “The need to take out loans with banks or B lender took a big chunk of profits and the lengthy approval process, complex contracts and multiple middlemen required a lot of time and energy. I wanted a more efficient way for others, like me, to increase profitability and have the ability to expand.”

For Co-Founder Shaily Srivastava, AcreageWay was born from the realization that projects with good causes like affordable housing, old age homes and community developments were struggling to receive investments as they were deemed to generate low ROI by deep-pocket investors - a conventional practice she wanted to break.

“Investment is a luxury for most people and so many miss out on growing their wealth longterm,” she says. “Regular people don’t get the option to invest nor participate in worthwhile projects because they’re seen as high risk. I’ve always wanted to break this barrier and make social projects affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone so that they can participate and own community developments together. Giving this power to all people was the vision behind, and reason for, building AcreageWay.”

"Providing real-estate investment as an option to the Millennials, additional financial planning prospect, and the ability to impact the economy through savings is one of our key drivers in AcreageWay,” adds Vinay Singh, Director and Executive Board Member of AcreageWay.

About Acreageway
“AcreageWay" is a Blockchain enabled platform aims to fully democratize the investment market where everyone and anyone can now invest affordably into the best commercial real estate investment opportunities throughout Canada. Acreage Inc. is a digital licensed Exempt Market Dealer allowed to issued tokenized securities on behalf of issuers.

Shaily Srivastava, CEO and Co-Founder
Shaily Srivastava