ZONE Mouthguard Leaves Dicks Sporting Goods After 5 Years and Re-Launches with New Technology

Meet ZONE Mouthguard. Patented no-boil technology means zero pain, custom fit mouth protection for a fraction of the cost and increased athletic performance. No boiling, no pain. Patented, zero-pain technology makes the old-school method of boiling plastic a thing of the past. Custom fit, Low cost. Ditch the dentist office, and get a mouthguard that's custom fitted to your mouth for a fraction of the price.

ZONE Mouthguard Leaves Dicks Sporting Goods After 5 Years and Re-Launches with New Technology
Beverly Hills, CA, June 24, 2021 --( ZONE™ Custom Athletic Mouthguard Kit Offers Athletes a Professional Fit at an Amateur Price.

ZONE’s No-Boil Technology re-launching after selling for five years at Dicks Sporting Goods.

With the kick-off to football season well underway, inventor Dr. David Frey is re-launching the ZONE Athletic Mouthguard after selling at Dicks Sporting Goods for the past five years. The ZONE Mouthguard is a game-changing professional-fit mouthguard that can be made instantly on the field without boiling, featuring a patented Fit Zone™ material technology that allows athletes of all ages and levels to create an individualized, affordable mouthguard without the pain and hassle of boiling.

Inventor Dr. David Frey, DDS, was inspired to create ZONE while watching his 8-year-old son struggling to make a boil and bite mouthguard. Using a silicone impression material called PVS in his dental practice, Dr. Frey wondered what would happen if the same material was used to create a mouthguard. “Not only could this be done anywhere, without any boiling equipment, it would be fast and pain free,” said Dr. Frey. “By simply mixing the putty-like materials together and biting down on the guard, anyone can produce a custom-fitting mouthguard in just minutes.”

To give his idea the best chance for success, Dr. Frey and former Nike and Silicon Valley design experts took to the challenge of taking the raw idea and creating a turnkey product and brand. The team spent more than a year developing the Zone design, sourcing materials and custom PVS formulations, creating and testing prototypes, developing the brand and creating and filing new IP. "We’ve effectively eliminated the barriers in creating a custom-fit mouthguard for sports. For now anyone can make a professional-fitting mouthguard on the bench during a game," says, Dr. Frey.

“Athletes need a no-hassle mouthguard and we’re eager to get ZONE guards in the mouths of athletes across the nation! Our goal is to make a mouthguard that may enhance an athlete’s performance, is easy to use, and can be purchased at affordable prices. We feel the ZONE Mouthguard accomplishes all of this,” says Frey.

The ZONE Custom-Fit Mouthguard Kit is currently available in Adult and Youth sizes.

ZONE Mouthguard Features Include:

- Customizable mouthguard for any athlete
- Fit-Zone custom material forms precisely to your bite for unprecedented comfort
- Unobtrusive fit for easier speaking and breathing
- No-boil technology for quick and convenient mouthguard creation
- Ready in minutes
- Detachable strap/tether
- Kit includes Dental Warranty

About MDM Oral Technologies, LLC
MDM Oral Technologies was founded by Dr. David Frey, DDS. Dr. Frey is a leading cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist and inventor of the Zone Mouthguard technology. Dedicated to making quality, affordable, custom-fit mouthguards accessible to consumers, David Frey is presently developing a line of custom mouthguards spanning multiple categories beyond the athletic marketplace. Headquartered at 462 North Linden Drive Suite 414, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, more information can be found by calling 310-659-6058.
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