Interviews Anne Frank’s Cousin and Last Living Relative, Buddy Elias

Anne Frank’s only living direct relative, Buddy Elias, speaks exclusively with’s Allison Kugel about his famous cousin and the Anne Frank-Fonds in Switzerland. Interviews Anne Frank’s Cousin and Last Living Relative, Buddy Elias
New York, NY, May 07, 2008 --( In an interview entitled “Anne Frank’s Last Living Relative, First Cousin Buddy Elias, Gives Insight Into Anne’s Life and Her Famous Diary,” Mr. Bernhard “Buddy” Elias, Anne Frank’s first cousin and only living direct relative, spoke exclusively with’s Allison Kugel for a fascinating and poignant interview about Anne Frank and the Frank family.

In this rare interview, Buddy Elias shares stories about spending family time with Anne Frank before the war, and his relationship with Anne, her sister Margot Frank, their mother Edith Frank and Anne’s father, Otto Frank.

Buddy Elias recalls to Allison Kugel, puppet shows he put on for Anne, playing with their grandmother and dressing up to make Anne laugh.

“Then [Anne] told me to put on a dress of our real grandmother, Otto's and my mother's mother, and a hat and her high heeled shoes and imitate her, which I did. Anne had a wonderful laugh. She was a very happy and playful girl.” - Cousin Buddy Elias as told to

In this interview with, Buddy Elias also reveals how he and his immediate family were spared the fate of the Frank family, and how he, his brother and his parents (Anne’s aunt and uncle) learned of the Frank’s whereabouts, both during and after the war.

“On July 5th 1942 Otto Frank sent a postcard to us telling us that we would have to understand, that we could not correspond anymore. We knew then, that they were going to hide.” - Cousin Buddy Elias as told to

“The first we heard after the war was a telegram we received from The Red Cross telling us, ‘We'll arrive soon in Marseille in good health. Otto.’” - Cousin Buddy Elias as told to

Buddy Elias speaks fondly to about Anne Frank’s dreams, her advanced philosophies on life and her love of writing. In this very special interview, Mr. Elias also discusses working closely with Otto Frank to create The Anne Frank-Fonds in Basel, Switzerland, of which Buddy Elias became President after Mr. Frank’s passing. The Anne Frank-Fonds owns all rights and ownership to the book, “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.”

To read this interview with Buddy Elias, about Anne Frank, in its entirety go to or and click on “Articles.”

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