Drummond Certifies AS2 Secure Messaging Products in Summer 2021 B2B Interop Test Event

Portsmouth, NH, September 16, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Drummond Group LLC, the trusted leader in software interoperability testing, announces the completion of its AS2 interoperability test event which occurred from early June to mid-August of 2021.

New AS2 product versions from ArcESB, Axway, Cleo, Dell Boomi, DXC Technology, IBM Corporation, OpenText and Oracle are now AS2-2Q21 Drummond Certified™.

“We commend these global organizations for committing to AS2 interoperability validation of their latest versions of their products. Interoperability assurance is increased in these leading AS2 products when tested as they would be used in real-world deployments. Specifically, this is what participation in Drummond AS2 test events delivers,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond’s Supply Chain Business Unit Leader. “These companies recognize the benefit of demonstrating AS2 interoperability prior to release of critical code. This standard is used in the exchange of highly sensitive business documents and it is essential to these companies their new product versions demonstrate AS2 interoperability prior to release.”

Drummond's certification program has been in existence since 2000 driving business-to-business (B2B) interoperability globally for some of the largest supply chains. Drummond Certified™ full-matrix interoperability testing allows these organizations to validate that transactional information is exchanged and received securely in accordance with the AS2 standards.

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) continues to be one of the most widely adopted messaging standards in the world. Retailers, consumer product goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum industry, and government agencies have adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information that represents billions of dollars each year.

For a list of the newly Drummond Certified™ AS2 products and registration information for upcoming tests, please see the entire list here.

Email sales@drummondgroup.com for additional details on future AS2, AS4 and ebMS interoperability test events.

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