, Builder of the Rootines App for the Neurodiverse, Lands $1M Investment, builder of the app Rootines, a wellness app for the neurodiverse, landed a $1M investment from angel investor Determined Capital LLC founded by Tim Davis. The investment will advance the software company's product development and enable B2B., Builder of the Rootines App for the Neurodiverse, Lands $1M Investment
Red Oak, TX, September 29, 2021 --(, creators of the mobile application Rootines, is pleased to announce they have closed a $1M angel round of funding through Determined Capital LLC, founded by Tim Davis. was previously the beneficiary of a Microsoft for Startups grant.

The funds will be used for key hires and further product development. Features that will be added soon include the completion of a web portal that enables B2B applications and supports commercial users such as therapist’s offices and hospitals.

CEO Tamera Jackson commented: “We are thrilled to receive this funding to continue our work building a product that will support the well-being of neurodiverse people and enhance patient engagement. We see such a need for mental health support in the world today and are grateful to have found an investor that sees the need as well and wants to be part of building a solution.”

About Rootines:
Rootines is an application available now on iOS that supports the neurodiverse community. Developed initially with a focus on Autism, the app will soon support patient engagement for other mental illness disorders such as ADHD, bi-polar disorder and others. Rootines provides a way to track various elements of your day to monitor the impact on overall mood and wellness while making it easy to share information with your care team. The application leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify insights that might otherwise be missed.

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