Transform Africa Hosts African Delegation to United States on Trade, Tourism and Education

Transform Africa founder, His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts II, is hosting the Deputy Governor of Vihiga, Kenya and his cabinet in the United States for trade, tourism and education advancement.

Transform Africa Hosts African Delegation to United States on Trade, Tourism and Education
Charleston, WV, October 19, 2021 --( Transform Africa announces that His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts II is hosting the Deputy Governor of Vihiga, Kenya and his cabinet in the United States on the African Delegation October 17-25, 2021 in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida.

The purpose of the African Delegation to the United States is to promote the advancement of trade, tourism and educational initiatives between the United States and Kenya, with a particular emphasis on improving the lives of women and youth in Vihiga County (state). The delegation has visited and addressed a primary and secondary school, explored the natural beauty and coal mines of West Virginia, attended youth sports programs, and met with dignitaries and Senators at the state capital in Charleston, West Virginia. The delegation is touring Transform Africa’s clean water manufacturing facility and technology lab and experiencing the many cultures found in the United States.

“His Excellency DG Saisi is committed to governing the citizenry of Vihiga, Kenya with integrity and without corruption,” says His Excellency Dr. Roberts. He continues, “It is highly unusual to find African leadership at the highest levels of governance that has risen and governed without taking bribes, serving for self-gain, or withholding public resources from projects that would benefit the people of Vihiga even when it elevates his opposition. That is real leadership, and the African continent needs more like him.”

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About Dr. Rollan Roberts II

His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts is the founder of Transform Africa, Inc., Rollan College and Courageous!, an Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity think tank. He was appointed Special Envoy to the United States by the president of South Sudan and is a member of the United States delegation to South Sudan assisting with the stabilization of government and is an advisor to national governments on matters of national security, entrepreneurship, education, and water. In addition to being nominated to the Central Command Task Force for the Department of Defense and receiving African diplomatic designation of His Excellency, Dr. Roberts has a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship, founded the African Diplomatic Entrepreneur Summit, and the International Down Syndrome CEO Camp, authored 4 international best-selling books, is Chairman of the Board for the International Association of Pageantry, and spoke to China’s government on the U.S.-China Trade War at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

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About Transform Africa, Inc.

Transform Africa, Inc. was founded by His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts to solve complex systematic and structural clean water, entrepreneur education, food security, and national security challenges and facilitate strategic impactful investment to accelerate the economic, technological, educational, social and healthcare transformation of Africa. As the second-largest continent in the world representing 15+% of the world’s population, Africa is the last greatest continent for extraordinary social and economic development that directly affects 70% of the world's youth by 2030. Transform Africa is supported by numerous African partners and stakeholders with significant impact, resources, and reach, including presidents and governments, spiritual leaders, business community, and media with the objective of transforming the social, political, economic, and fabric of the culture of the continent while preserving and valuing their rich tribal heritage.
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