CANNA/Hemp Extraction Labs USA Announces Joint Venture Partnerships for Cannabis Cultivators/Growers and Cannapreneurs

Houston, TX, November 18, 2021 --( CANNA/Hemp Extraction Labs USA (CHELUSA) announced today they are offering to finance and commission Cannabis Extraction Labs and Cannabis Cloning Labs in NM, NJ, AZ, IL, MT and VA. CHELUSA is looking to form strategic partnerships with Cultivators/Growers and Cannapreneurs in these key states. The cultivator/grower would receive a generous equity stake in the lab(s), oversee the operation and have the option to buy out CHELUSA in the near future.

CHELUSA is pleased to share they have several key advantages over competitors and, a unique approach over on-site development for extraction and cloning.

Typically, it takes 18 to 24 months to design, engineer, permit and construct a commercial facility. CHELUSA has a major speed-to-market advantage. CHELUSA can fabricate industrial extraction labs in-house, equip the lab and commission a fully functioning, fully permitted extraction lab or cloning lab in approximately 24 weeks.

All of CHELUSA’S commercial labs are approved and permitted in advance to include state-wide building permits for wind/snow load as well as seismic. CHELUSA’S labs are blast-proof, Category 4 Hurricane-proof, will function in -20 degrees and, will last 50 years.

About CANNA/Hemp Extraction Labs USA:

CHELUSA has been fabricating, equipping, transporting and providing infrastructure services along with commissioning their state-of-the-art industrial labs for the O&G sector for 15 years. With years of experience, CHELUSA has now applied those skills to the cannabis and hemp sector. A leading cannabis extraction expert/operator and his team are now part of the CHELUSA team. They have commissioned 20 labs in the last 10 years.

CHELUSA’S team includes esteemed corporate executives, cannabis market analysts, industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineers as well as bio-chemists and molecular biologists.

CHELUSA has mastered an industrial solution that can be completed in a fraction of the time it typically takes without the numerous constraints associated with site build construction.

Please contact our V.P. of Business Development & Finance for more information.
Hemp Extraction Labs USA
Steven Borden