InterconnectDATA, the Business Information and Data for Market Research

InterconnectDATA, the application of business information and authentic data to scale up networks globally.

InterconnectDATA, the Business Information and Data for Market Research
New York, NY, December 03, 2021 --( The InterconnectDATA application which was launched on Sept. 6, 2021 for the Android mobile application, is now entering the launch phase for the iOS version in the Apple store on Dec. 1, 2021. The application is offering a variety of business information and authentic data to scale up networks globally.

Nowadays, this technology-based data provider company has collaborated with Statista, a data provider company based in Germany that specializes in market and consumer data. InterconnectDATA has been strengthened by more than 1 million statistical data on more than 80 thousand topics and more than 22,500 sources from 170 more industries with different backgrounds.

InterconnectDATA has obtained a license from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) where the data provided includes all companies in Indonesia that are listed as public companies or Initial Public Offering (IPO). The data provided on the platform is various data for the needs of investment analysis, portfolio valuation, risk management, and quantitative analysis.

In addition, it has also collaborated with S&P Global, an American-based company that was founded 160 years ago, which of course has long-term experience in providing data and information which governments, companies and individuals can rely on to make business decisions with confidence.

"Our platform will turn every piece of information and data into an insight, providing artificial intelligence that can accelerate progress in a changing world. We can help every company, investor, startup, professional and worker to obtain authentic and valid information and data, so that they can make informed business and financial decisions, help investors determine business opportunities in global markets, identify and capture opportunities in various sectors. sectors, generate business growth for startups and revive global market transparency," said Maya Miranda Ambarsari, the president commissioner of InterconnectDATA.

"We will predict that our target market will focus on the Asian and American countries, because we have analyzed the data and found the fact that so many business people in Asian countries find it difficult to get accurate data from a company due to the unavailability of complete data and information about the company, and this causes a lot of mistakes in making investment decisions and other business decisions," explained by Maya Miranda, the sociopreneur who has been successful in doing business in several sectors in Indonesia.
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