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A-LIVE Partners with Minerva to Offer Fans NFTs of Music Concert

One thousand video clips were extracted in real-time from the live stream of a Milan concert and offered to fans as NFTs.

A-LIVE Partners with Minerva to Offer Fans NFTs of Music Concert
San Jose, CA, January 14, 2022 --(PR.com)-- In December 2021, Coma Cose, a leading Italian hip-hop band, streamed their first augmented reality concert to a broad audience of paying viewers. One thousand fans were also able to purchase a full recording of the concert along with unique fragments of the performance packaged as NFTs and delivered via a Limited Edition Box. The Box contains a poster, a Virtual Reality viewer and a bracelet with a QR code to access the NFT.

The Limited Edition Box

The one thousand NFT video fragments extracted from the concert in real-time are visible at https://alivemusic.tv/nfts. Each NFT, owned by a fan, can be re-sold indefinitely, with royalties automatically split between the seller and the artists.

A-LIVE, a leading provider of advanced solutions for the conception and delivery of live music, streamed the concert and packaged the NFTs in collaboration with Minerva Networks.

“In partnership with A-LIVE we have created a new way to monetize video assets in perpetuity on the Blockchain,” said Fabrizio Capobianco, Chief Innovation Officer at Minerva. “We believe our unique offering, combining a robust video streaming solution with an innovative social and commerce platform, will enable artists, promoters and rights owners worldwide to expand their reach and explore new monetization strategies.”

“This is the first experiment of its kind. By combining the physical and digital domains, we are able to augment the artist’s creativity and reach like never before,” said Alex Braga, Chief Executive Officer at A-LIVE. “The future of music holds a whole new universe for us to explore, both as artists, fans and entrepreneurs. That future is already here and Coma Cose showed it to the whole world. It is exciting to be in the vanguard of the phygital revolution.”

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A-LIVE provides a revolutionary method of participation and conception of live music, integrating digital technology with physical experiences, thus providing a series of digital tools such as virtual reality, 360 immersive, augmented reality and now the generation of NFTs in real time during the performances.
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