Clicks & Bricks Podcast Announces Interview with Casey Hogue, Founder & Executive Creative Director at Serotonin Creative

Clicks & Bricks Podcast Announces Interview with Casey Hogue, Founder & Executive Creative Director at Serotonin Creative
St. Louis, MO, February 28, 2022 --( The upcoming 157th episode of the Clicks & Bricks podcast will feature Casey Hogue, founder and executive creative director of Serotonin Creative Consultancy. Serotonin is a company that has distinguished itself for practicing and promoting the triple bottom line framework of business that focuses on three dimensions of performance: people, planet, and profit.

Hogue’s naturally creative bent found its place at the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Advertising Design. Hogue was a recipient of various scholarships and grants while studying at ArtCenter.

While pursuing his degree and after his internship at global advertising powerhouse TBWAChiat DayTequila, Hogue lost no time forming the advertising department’s The Art Directors’ Club. The organization helped expand the advertising industry exposure of ArtCenter students to various disciplines and opened them to mentoring opportunities.

After he graduated in 2005, Hogue’s career never strayed far from his path as an art and creative director. His nearly 20 years of experience found him working freelance and full-time — learning all that he could along the way and collaborating with some of the best American and global brands.

Unafraid to take risks, Hogue founded his company, Serotonin Creative Consultancy, in the middle of the global pandemic in 2021. Prior to founding his own company, Hogue worked as the Creative Director of E. & J. Gallo Winery for over four years.

At Serotonin, Hogue and his team combine their expertise in the fields of technology, psychology, writing, and design to help their clients communicate, connect, and engage with their audience. By taking this multidisciplinary approach, Serotonin has been able to help develop and strengthen their clients’ brands, solve their problems, and achieve their business objectives.

According to Hogue, sustainability has always been at the core of their business. In fact, Serotonin is part of the California Green Business Network, which aims to build a healthy green economy in the state.

By emphasizing the importance of achieving the triple bottom line in business, the Serotonin team is able to help their clients in their quest to not only grow and become profitable but also make the world a better place.

Company owners and entrepreneurs looking to develop their business and make a positive impact on the world are sure to benefit from the Clicks & Bricks podcast featuring Hogue.

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