Offshore Wind Farm Support Achieves WOSB Status

Female-led group of marine professionals providing services to the offshore wind industry now eligible for WOSB government contracts.

Offshore Wind Farm Support Achieves WOSB Status
Vero Beach, FL, April 04, 2022 --( Offshore Wind Farm Support, offering marine services and support for the US Offshore Wind industry including logistics, personnel, vessel management and more, today announced they are now certified as a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) and designated SAM certified WOSB. This certification allows for opportunities to bid on government and corporate contracts in the sustainable wind energy industry.

Historically, women have faced a number of challenges when it comes to starting and growing their businesses, including the hurdle of obtaining government contracts. The Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program, limited to 45 eligible industries, provides greater access to federal contracts as well as helping the government meet its goal of awarding at least 5% of all contracting dollars to WOSBs.

Offshore Wind Farm Support, with their newly minted WOSB designation, is looking forward to potentially working with both government agencies as well as those seeking no-bid contracts. Offshore Wind developers are currently taking advantage of large corporate and federal opportunities in the burgeoning space. Offshore Wind Farm Support is confident they will be able to keep pace with the evolving needs of the industry as well as help meet the 10 to 30% subcontracting federal goals.

Delivering assistance for everything from beginning survey stages on offshore leased land to the very near future of “steel in the water” construction phases of wind farms, Offshore Wind Farm Support has been working in the field for over three years. The experience has highlighted the exponential growth in Wind Energy needs for America’s east coast. To that end, the company has already committed contracts in leased areas in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maryland with personnel already active on the vessels, and are working on contracts in both New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

“In early 2017, we were impressed with and knew enough that the first 5 windmills were in operation off Block Island RI as the tip of the iceberg, so to speak! said Troya Forsberg, CEO of Offshore Wind Farm Support. “It was then that we made a decision to get directly involved in Offshore Wind.”

Offshore Wind Farm Support was founded in January 2020, after Troya’s husband, Paul, spent a year captaining an Offshore Wind survey vessel. They formed the company with the purpose of supporting struggling fishermen and mariners. Fishermen working as Fisheries Liaisons Officers (FLOs) would be able to have encore careers within a new industry while continuing their identity on the water. At the same time, the offshore wind industry could take advantage of generational knowledge and talents. Experienced in commercial and sport fishing and ferry boat operations in the northeast, they also have worked decades in offshore oil supply operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has five locations including Maine, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

“I am so proud of my wife, Troya, for her determination and for working so hard in the business. She is the brains behind the operation while I’m the braun, boots on the ground guy,” said Paul Forsberg, Vice President, Offshore Wind Farm Support. “We jumped head first into the unknown territory of offshore wind energy and are learning daily how it will work for U.S. consumers. Together, we make a great team which allows us to deliver great value to our clients.”

The Forsbergs understand that standards will organically evolve as the expansion of the industry necessitates. As early adopter “boots on the ground” types, they believe they are in a prime position to take this data and implement new and innovative services and personnel along the way. With the new WOSB designation, they are ready to help further the advancement of the wind energy space through new phases of maintenance and continued turn-over of services - whether in support of smaller ambitious ventures or federal agencies.

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