Go Sake! Sparkling Sake is Summer Formed in Bubbles

Go Sake! Sparkling Sake is Summer Formed in Bubbles
Berlin, Germany, July 13, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Japanese food is becoming increasingly popular. The number of japanese restaurants has increased rapidly in recent years, which is consistent with the widespread growing acceptance of japanese food and drinking culture.

Japanese sake in particular was able to benefit from this development and is finding more and more fans among people all around the world. Sake contains about 15-20 percent alcohol volume and is not as acidic as wine. In addition sake has a subtle or very clear umami note, which leads together with accompanying meals to a great pleasurable experience.

There is sake for every occasion and in many variations.

Sparkling sake is one of the big sake trends and now available for that special sparkling occasion. Yes, sake can also be made sparkling and is having a big momentum.

"Finding the right sake products from small japanese craft breweries for different target groups, this is the mission of Go-Sake," says Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO and Co-founder of Go-Sake.

The sake company, founded in Berlin in 2017, started with the aim of getting also younger people excited about sake. With a wide range of different sake types, Go-Sake offers the right sake for every taste. In 2019, Go-Sake was included in the list of the best tasted sake in one of the largest sake tastings by Meiningers WEINWELT with 88 points. The silver medal at Craft Spirits Berlin followed in 2022.

"We have been looking for suitable sparkling sake products for the Go-Sake project for a long time and finally found what we were looking for in the sake breweries Kamihei Shuzo from Iwate, Fukunishiki from Hyogo and the NINKI brewery from Fukushima," says Dr. Bastian Schwithal. "All three breweries combine the highest level of craftsmanship using just natural, traditional brewing processes."

The 3 new sparkling varieties reflect the different facets of the brewing crafts:

The Go-Sparkling Rose Sake as Junmai Daiginjo offers a perfect balance of natural sweetness and acidity without the use of additives. An all naturally brewed alcoholic beverage made by the natural fermentation of pure rice in the bottle. The rose color comes from the old rice "Asamurasaki."

Go-Sparkling Junmai is a refreshing, sparkling Junmai sake (Junmai is the Japanese word for "pure rice"), fermented in the bottle. With a nicely balanced sweetness and acidity.

The Go-Sparkling Ginjo is a nice dry sake with pleasantly invigorating fizz. The sake is slowly crafted to perfection using methods passed down through generations of Nanbu Toji master brewers.

More information about the products and Go-Sake: www.go-sake.com.
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