FuseBox One Debuts Digital Project Manager to Simplify Project Management and Reduce Vendor Proliferation

FuseBox One, a leading marketing operations & sales enablement provider, has officially rolled out its digital project manager (DPM) to streamline project management and reduce vendors.

FuseBox One Debuts Digital Project Manager to Simplify Project Management and Reduce Vendor Proliferation
Des Moines, IA, September 20, 2022 --(PR.com)-- FuseBox One has debuted the company’s digital project manager (DPM) to help clients reduce vendor management and simplify project management. The goal is to ensure that clients save time and money while completing projects on time and within budget.

“Project management is always precarious,” explained Marcia Scott, COO of the company. “There are so many variables, from time and materials to delicate relationships between team members, strategic partners, and more. Our new DPM is designed to cut through the noise and ensure projects are managed easily, while also saving time, money, and hassle.”

The new digital project manager puts everything within easy reach, ensuring that project managers and leaders can easily access information, surface critical insights, and connect the dots to inform their decision-making processes. However, it also delivers crucial automation that streamlines project timelines, removes roadblocks and bottlenecks, and helps foster greater success.

In addition to its ability to improve project management, the DPM also helps dramatically slash the number of vendors an organization must use. According to a study from 2016, small to medium businesses might work with 90 vendors every week, while larger organizations might have 100,000 vendors to contend with weekly.

FuseBox One’s new DPM delivers the tools necessary to streamline project management an organization’s marketing and sales department will have from, order automation, commercial print/direct mail, promotional products and warehousing/kitting. That streamlines operations, reduces costs, and simplifies the responsibilities of employees and managers.

“We built our new DPM based on genuine user feedback about their pain points in terms of managing critical projects and their headaches related to vendor proliferation,” Marcia added. “It’s just one more way that FuseBox One is committed to helping our clients grow and succeed.”

To learn more information about FuseBox One or the company’s digital project manager, visit https://www.fuseboxone.com.

About FuseBox One: FuseBox One delivers a one-stop solution for all the hurdles that come along with building a brand, targeting your custom market, and managing your digital assets. Our one-of-a-kind marketing management platform delivers critical capabilities to enable sales and build your brand while providing top-of-the-line industry services so you can grow your business and engage your audience in meaningful ways, all while building a thriving organization.

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