Supporting Your Child's Social, Educational, and Behavioral Well-Being

Supporting Your Child's Social, Educational, and Behavioral Well-Being
Beaumont, TX, November 14, 2022 --( Moore Business Services, LLC today announced the opening of Take My Hand Girl Corporation, a non-profit which offers a new way for mentoring youth girls. Take My Hand Girl is focused on facilitating peer-to-peer mentorship to promote leadership capabilities and personal development across students aged 9 to 19. Dedicated to allowing a platform for the girls to share their knowledge, voice their opinions and assist one another; In hopes of creating an environment where each girl knows her potential and boldly pursues her dreams.

“We want them to learn to lean on each other, for each other, and with each other to weather the storms ahead. Never give up, as there will always be a youth leader there to say, Take My Hand, Girl.” -Alice Moore

Features and benefits of include:

⦁ Guided peer-to-peer networking and mentoring
⦁ Social impact projects
⦁ Workshops, speakers events and other activities

About Take My Hand Girl Corporation: Support opportunities to develop, evolve and explore their God given gifts and talents to foster positive decision making and goal setting. Our program's main focus is to use developmental mentoring to nurture confidence and self‐esteem.

Take My Hand Girl will be accepting applications starting November 5, 2022. There is no cost for enrollment. For more program information visit To express an interest in enrollment email

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Take My Hand Girl
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