Grower Promotes Traceability and Buyer Tools with New Website

Goldenberry Farms launches newly designed website, traceability tools, and grower interface - just in time for Fresh Summit (IFPA) in Orlando.

Grower Promotes Traceability and Buyer Tools with New Website
Miami, FL, October 27, 2022 --( Goldenberry Farms, a leading grower and exporter of Sugar Mangos™, berries, and tropical fruit, has launched a new website with a focus on traceability and “knowing your grower.”

The site, designed by an Ogivly-trained design team, includes consumer-friendly taglines such as “Do you know where your fruit comes from? We do.” designed to promote awareness among consumers as to the origin of their fresh fruit purchase.

The site rotates a “splash” of the brand's most unique items, such as rambutan, hand-picked purple passionfruit, Farm Fresh goldenberries™, and Sweet Sugar Mangos™, which are unique to the brand.

The consumer-facing side of the website focuses on freshness and traceability and getting to know the benefits and how to eat some of the exotic fruits offered by the company.

The site also includes a robust back-end portal supporting grower and business operations, which allows new clients to register, apply for credit, request information on products and quotes, and sync with EDI to streamline operations flow.

Soon to be released is a custom-designed connected portal for buyers which will track shipments, including real-time data log reporting, view documents, and arrival information to handle logistics and any potential issues without leaving the client portal. The client portal has other features such as tracking all payments and invoicing, as well as real-time price quoting.

Grower and field tools include online data collection from fields, mapping, and climate linking, allowing the data to be viewed in real time as well as stored digitally. The system syncs with other agronomic software providers.

“With our new website and portals, we are placing the emphasis on traceability, and knowing the source of your food, how it was grown, and how it has been handled on its way to you.

“We are also implementing technology which really enhances the technical side of commercial fresh fruit shipments and tracking,” commented Miriam Schwartz, technical manager for the brand.

It was important for us to emphasize with this platform that Goldenberry Farms is more than simply a trader of fruit. The company is a grower, also packer, and exporter. We believe that being a grower allows you to really develop the expertise needed for top quality, it is critical to being able to deliver an exceptional product.”

Goldenberry Farms is committed to accelerating its investments in building scalable digital capabilities, allowing trading partners to work more efficiently, and building deeper customer relationships and growers/field managers both online and offline.

The company is preparing these enhanced tools in anticipation of the launch of its food service division, offering bulk quantities, special bulk packaging, and farm fresh dehydrated and powdered fruit.

About Goldenberry Farms™

Goldenberry Farms™ is a grower, packer, exporter, and merchandiser of high-quality fruit. The company, known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to sustainable farming, focuses on the development of exotic, “better for you” tropical fruit and produce, and is involved in all levels of fruit development, with a commitment to helping promote fresh fruit as a healthy and fresh snack alternative globally.

The company is an accredited “ZOMAC” company in Colombia, which focused upon a commit to invest in rural areas which may have suffered complicated histories, helping to create new employment, social programs, and communities through agriculture and education.

Goldenberry Farms™ participates in quality programs such as The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), which helps to introduce elementary school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample.
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