New UK Based Website for Natural and Organic Beauty Launches This Week

The Natural Beauty Store (, a new online store and resource for natural and organic beauty, was launched this week to serve the growing demand for natural alternatives to beauty care. It offers both commercial beauty products and natural cosmetic raw materials, to enable customers to explore both worlds of natural beauty. The website will also provide regular news, articles, and product reviews for its users, and offer a platform for experts in the natural beauty industry.

Chorley, United Kingdom, June 05, 2008 --( With the increasing awareness of the harmful effects of toxic cosmetic chemicals and the benefits of natural ingredients in skin care, The Natural Beauty Store is being launched as a combined store and website to serve this growing consumer base. The vision for the site has been to gather the best that can be found in the modern natural beauty industry and offer a more centralised resource for natural beauty on the web. It's opening with a selection of over 800 products from 35 natural and organic brands including Weleda, Green People, Trilogy, Living Nature, and Primavera, and will be open for international sales.

The store offers a variation of brands in all styles and price ranges, including certified organic brands and other high quality natural brands. In addition it stocks a selection of organic raw materials like essential and vegetable oils, floral waters, dried herbs, herbal extracts, and natural cosmetic ingredients. The site takes a holistic approach to beauty care, and wishes to explore the link between health and beauty and support natural alternatives to health care. To this end, it also stocks a range of natural health and wellness products, and all herbal and aromatherapy products can be used for health as well as beauty care.

The site will educate consumers on all aspects of natural beauty care and offer a platform for experts and spokespersons in the natural beauty industry. It will provide information on the benefits of natural beauty care and the dangers of toxic cosmetic ingredients, and give regular news and updates from the world of natural beauty. Customers will be able to ask questions of experts attached to the site, and contribute by writing reviews, sharing recipes, and taking part in the site's discussion forum.

The Natural Beauty Store keeps a green policy in all aspects of its operation, with all deliveries dispatched in eco-friendly recycable packaging and a percentage of all sales offered in support of environmental charities.

Says Liv O'Hanlon, creator of the organic skin care line Great Elm Physick Garden: "A lot of people take a close interest in the importance of healthy living, of eating fresh food simply prepared, local and organic. They understand the role of oils, vitamins, the benefits of detoxing, cleansing, nutrition. Many are keen to grow their own vegetables and herbs: garden centres now sell more vegetable seeds than flowers. People love the fact that in the old days kitchen gardens provided not only food but medicines and healing salves. They can see the benefit, the logic, of making skincare from plants, of using the power that lies in the garden. They know full-well that our skin is the body's largest organ, that it is a vital part of the body's defence, that what we put on the outside is as important as what we put inside. Great Elm Physick Garden works with medical herbalists to revive forgotten herbs and plants and their usage: soapwort for cleansing, plaintain and speedwell for skin-healing, roses, lady's mantle, sweet violets, paeonies, and parsley, and many more. Their interest is in food for the skin: fresh, simply prepared, local and organic."

Customers can visit the online store at

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