Database View as Data Source: acSoft Inc. Updates Power BI and Tableau Connectors for ServiceNow

acSoft Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking upgrade to its Power BI and Tableau Connector for ServiceNow. Users can now create data sources using Database View fields, enabling comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Database View as Data Source: acSoft Inc. Updates Power BI and Tableau Connectors for ServiceNow
Dover, DE, June 16, 2023 --( Strengthening its place in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) integrations, acSoft Inc., a trusted ServiceNow Build Partner, has introduced a pivotal functionality upgrade for the Power BI Connector and Tableau Connector for ServiceNow. Both updated ServiceNow connectors are ready to be installed from the ServiceNow Store.

This innovative functionality, featured in Power BI Connector version 1.5.5 and Tableau Connector version 1.0.6, allows ServiceNow Admin users to create a data source utilizing Database View fields. This breakthrough, previously deemed impossible, opens a new horizon of flexibility and power for users.

Database Views, which are not actual tables but resemble them in functionality, aggregate fields from various ServiceNow tables for reporting purposes. For example, they can join an Incident table to the Metric Definition and Metric Instance tables for more comprehensive incident metrics reporting. With the introduction of the ability to include Database View fields in the data source, users now have a streamlined pathway to more comprehensive ServiceNow reporting in Power BI or Tableau. This update provides users with invaluable insights, unlocking a new level of data accessibility and analysis.

The advantages of utilizing Database View as a data source for analysis are immense. It simplifies ServiceNow data access and enhances efficiency by providing a consolidated and structured representation of relevant information. Users can now seamlessly integrate their Database View tables into Power BI and Tableau, empowering comprehensive ServiceNow data exploration, analysis, and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, this update promotes collaboration and reporting by leveraging the collaborative features of Power BI and Tableau. Multiple stakeholders can access and work with the Database View data simultaneously, fostering transparency and ensuring consistent reporting across the organization.

acSoft Inc.'s commitment to innovation is showcased with this recent update, enabling users to efficiently and securely leverage Database Views to create powerful reports. This update expands the capabilities of the Tableau Connector and Power BI Connector for ServiceNow and exhibits acSoft Inc.'s persistent pursuit of excellence and innovation in data analytics and business intelligence.

acSoft Inc., a certified ServiceNow Build Partner and a US subsidiary of Alpha Serve, continues to lead in the world of business intelligence by creating top-notch integration solutions. Their expertise lies in making BI Connectors that blend seamlessly with ServiceNow. Their products are rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards, making them a go-to partner for businesses globally. The commitment of acSoft Inc. to quality and innovation is clear in every solution they deliver. Being a part of Alpha Serve allows acSoft to leverage global resources and expertise, enhancing their service offerings and capabilities
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