AGENT511 Unveils TEXTBLUE Integration with Eventide for Next-Gen Emergency Communication

AGENT511 and Eventide are partnering to offer Emergency Communication Centers a powerful tool for recording and replaying text and video sessions seamlessly. This integration, piloted in a major Texas 9-1-1 center, promises nationwide impact in public safety communications. Explore how this innovation will revolutionize emergency response communications.

AGENT511 Unveils TEXTBLUE Integration with Eventide for Next-Gen Emergency Communication
Denton, TX, April 23, 2024 --( AGENT511, a leader in text and multimedia public safety communications that maximize situational awareness, is pleased to announce at the Texas Public Safety Conference, the availability of a rich interface to Eventide’s industry leading recording systems. The combination of these two premium platforms offers Emergency Communication Centers the ability to not only create a compliant record of text and streaming video conversation data, but a mechanism for rapid playback of the video session. AGENT511 TEXTBLUE streaming video sessions are requested by call takers as a result of a 9-1-1 voice or text call and may be shared with first responders such as police, fire, and medical.

Sessions may include automatically detected and translated text, location, MMS pictures and recorded video, along with real-time streaming video. This data is fully archived and available for playback on the Eventide recorder to maximize security with easy integration and networking. The AGENT511 solution is offered standalone, with RapidSOS Portal, and integrated with leading call handling and dispatch platforms.

AGENT511 Managing Director, Jay Malin, expressed his excitement in the integration of the TEXTBLUE platform with “one of public safety most innovative and open component vendors, Eventide Communications,” and believes the complete, out-of-the-box integrated solution is a game changer for agencies seeking an end-to-end multimedia experience. The system is being piloted with a major Texas 9-1-1 center and is planned for numerous nationwide deployments.

TEXTBLUE may be purchased directly from AGENT511 or its call handling and dispatch partners. Eventide users must upgrade to the latest release to access the AGENT511 interface.

AGENT511 TEXTBLUE platform delivers seamless text and multimedia workflows for the largest (and smallest) public safety agencies. It is integrated with the leading text control centers (TCC) as well as commercial and private carrier SMS/MMS multimedia gateways for US and International markets. TEXTBLUE incorporates Next-Generation 9-1-1 and modern web interfaces to deliver communications to call handling, CAD, and recorders.

In addition, the platform is coupled with a number of differentiating features such as patented parallel voice dialing to ensure call takers never miss a call as well as text back, language translation, natural language triage, and streaming video. It is embedded in RapidSOS Portal for seamless call handling and dispatch.
Paolo Lenotti