KIRON.AI Launches Book “NEOBANK Navigating the Future of Banking” by Author and Bank Owner Ronald Ingram

KIRON.AI, a Henderson, Nevada-based AI Health & Wealth company launches “NEOBANK Navigating the Future of Banking,” a groundbreaking book exposing the history and predicting the future of banking from author Ronald Ingram’s perspective as a bank owner, historian, futurist and polymath. The company KIRON.AI employs artificial intelligence (AI) to discover, uncover, develop and deploy protocols, tools and information to enhance human wealth and health preservation and generation.

KIRON.AI Launches Book “NEOBANK Navigating the Future of Banking” by Author and Bank Owner Ronald Ingram
Henderson, NV, June 11, 2024 --( KIRON.AI launches a new book “NEOBANK Navigating the Future of Banking” (NEOBANK). The book provides readers with the unique perspective of author Ronald Ingram who is also a bank owner. Ingram says that his book “provides an eye-opening journey exposing the secret history and inner workings of the banking world.” NEOBANK also offers unique perspectives on the financial challenges and opportunities facing banks and bank customers from a historical and futuristic point of view.

­According to Ingram, “The book provides answers to frequently asked questions about the future of banking including…
…is my nest egg safe in my bank;
…what is crypto “mining” and what is the true cost and environmental impact of the industry; and,
…where are the financial windfalls hidden and how do I access them?”

NEOBANK makes intriguing claims about the origins of private and corporate banking. The author traces the origins of banking to an order of knights founded before the Crusades of the Middle Ages began, through the rise of Swiss banking, and to the present day where the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) based in Basel, Switzerland sets global banking policies. This Swiss-based organization directs the policy of the Federal Reserve and similar banking institutions throughout the developed world. “Understanding these historical and geopolitical linkages sheds light on the forces that shape modern banking, ecommerce and crypto asset policies, and impact everyone from the individual to the national level,” says Ingram.

NEOBANK also discloses Ingram's patented character-based social credit scoring system that he says may transform borrowing, lending and financial transactions in the future. His US issued patent Number US 8,560,436 B2 is being actively examined by the largest credit bureaus and payment technology companies seeking ways to improve bank risk assessment and provide more fair and accurate credit reporting alternatives.
NEOBANK: Navigating the Future of Banking is available for purchase online and on Amazon.

About the author: Ronald Ingram is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, author, biohacker, artist, inventor, creator, innovator, Neobanker, disruptor, and thought leader. He coined the term neobank in the early 2000’s and is the inventor of a patented credit scoring and lending system, founder of a multi-billion-dollar market cap payment processor, and the majority owner and chairman of a chartered bank. KIRON.AI founder Ingram speaks on creativity, innovation, futuristic investment strategies, crypto assets, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology.

For more information, visit or to stay up to date on KIRON.AI breakthroughs in wealth and health. Topics span banking, neobanking, investing, business opportunities and decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as anti-aging, longevity, health span, cognitive amplification, and biological science.
Ronald Ingram
NEOBANK: Navigating the Future of Banking

NEOBANK: Navigating the Future of Banking

The word neobank is a conjunction of the words new and bank. The term was invented by author Ingram in 2004 spelled as “Neobanx” and has become a noun. Today Neobanks are proliferating globally.