Voicebrook Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Generative AI Feature for Pathologists

Voicebrook is the first and only provider of pathology reporting solutions to utilize generative AI to draft diagnoses in cancer case reports, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Voicebrook Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Generative AI Feature for Pathologists
Roslyn Heights, NY, June 24, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Voicebrook, the leading provider of pathology reporting solutions, announced the launch of DraftDiagnosis, a first-of-its-kind generative AI feature to support pathologists in summarizing diagnoses in cancer case reports. With DraftDiagnosis, Voicebrook becomes the first and only provider of pathology reporting solutions to utilize generative AI to draft diagnoses from the College of American Pathologists’ electronic cancer protocols (CAP eCP).

DraftDiagnosis was created to support the pathologist, ensure the accuracy of their reports, and increase efficiency. When a pathologist works on a cancer case in Voicebrook’s pathology reporting software, they enter all required checklist information in the CAP eCP, as well as summarize the final diagnosis. DraftDiagnosis assists the pathologist in making that summary, by reviewing and interpreting the electronic cancer protocol data and generating preliminary diagnostic drafts that aid in reporting the pathologist’s final diagnosis. The pathologist simply gives the speech command “draft diagnosis” and the AI feature intelligently pulls any pertinent information from the checklist to generate the diagnosis.

“DraftDiagnosis enhances pathologists' efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data aggregation from checklists. It streamlines the process so pathologists only input information once, allowing the AI feature to gather and summarize the data in the diagnosis,” says E. Ross Weinstein, CEO of Voicebrook. “Some laboratories often mistakenly believe that speech recognition technology alone is sufficient for creating accurate and efficient reports. This is not the case. VoiceOver PRO has always been the fastest and most accurate solution for creating pathology reports because it combines speech recognition technology with standard template content and other productivity tools to enhance the capabilities and underlying workflow of anatomic pathology systems. Now, with DraftDiagnosis, we are introducing the first and only AI tool in a dedicated pathology reporting solution, further solidifying our lead in improving efficiency and accuracy in the report creation process.”

“The process of going back in the checklist to reproduce that information in the final diagnosis can open the door to replication errors,” says Melanie Shedd, VP, Product at Voicebrook. “During our research to create DraftDiagnosis, we reviewed many reports and noted that a number of them had some discrepancies attributable to human error... discrepancies between the pathologist’s final diagnosis and the information they entered in the eCP checklist. This made it clear to us that we were on the right track in the development of DraftDiagnosis, because where the patient is concerned, you can never have too many safety nets to ensure accuracy."

The generative AI capabilities of DraftDiagnosis ensure improved accuracy, making certain that the key checklist elements the pathologist enters in the CAP protocol match exactly in the summarized diagnosis. No longer does the pathologist need to manually restate the information in their final diagnosis, losing time and increasing the likelihood of errors. Not only does DraftDiagnosis dramatically benefit patient safety, it supports improved report standardization that allows the treating clinician to provide better patient care.

The DraftDiagnosis generative AI feature will be available in Voicebrook’s Summer 2024 product release, which will be made generally available on June 18.
Kelly Fodel