Empowering Charities and Non-Profits with Free Penetration Testing Services

Upload Security is offering free website and network scans for eligible charities and non-profits until 2025, with the possibility of extension based on demand and availability. This initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity for organizations handling sensitive data but operating with limited resources. Inspired by recent cyber attacks on non-profits, Upload Security is committed to protecting these vital organizations from cyber threats.

Newark, DE, June 20, 2024 --(PR.com)-- In today's digital age, cybersecurity is essential for all organizations, regardless of size or sector. For charities and non-profits, the stakes are even higher. These organizations often handle sensitive donor information, personal data of beneficiaries, and crucial operational details. Yet, they typically operate with limited resources, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. A breach can not only lead to financial loss but also erode the trust of donors and the community. By prioritizing cybersecurity, charities and non-profits can safeguard their valuable data, ensure the continuity of their vital services, and maintain the confidence of their supporters.

This is where Upload Security steps in. As a leading cybersecurity and penetration testing company, we are committed to giving back to those charities and non-profits that do so much for their communities and the world. They are now offering free website and network scans, with certified engineers verifying the results before delivery. There are no commitments or hidden costs—this service is completely free.

They were inspired to start this initiative after seeing Save the Children International suffer a cyber attack last year. Their research revealed that they were not alone; many other charities and non-profits have been targeted by these malicious attacks. Therefore, they want to do their part to protect these essential organizations and help them continue their invaluable work without the fear of cyber threats.

They invite all eligible charities and non-profits to take advantage of this offer, which runs until 2025 and may extend further depending on demand and availability. Eligibility will be determined based on necessity and resource availability.

Contact them today to determine eligibility and schedule your free security scan to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses. You can reach them at contact@uploadsecurity.com or visit their website and fill out the contact form at uploadsecurity.com.
Sean Lagan