Enter Belly Painting and Tummy Pictures in the Not Your Average Pregnant Bikini Contest

Enter your baby pictures in a beauty contest before your delivery date. Submit creative belly painting pictures of your pregnant tummy for a chance to win prizes.

Enter Belly Painting and Tummy Pictures in the Not Your Average Pregnant Bikini Contest
New York, NY, June 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- This photography contest is Not your average, run of the mill Pregnant Bikini Contest where female bodybuilders in their second trimester strut their stuff. This entertaining, bulging tummy contest is for expectant mommies who want to respectfully (if not reverently) put their midsections on display while exposing no other part of their bodies and still be eligible to win prizes.

This pregnant tummy contest is different from other expectant tummy competitions as this contest encourages the submission of photographs featuring pregnant stomachs and adorned belly casts as well as pregnant women bikini pictures. Entrants to the offbeat and fun baby contest are invited to poke a little fun at their expanded tummies and to (safely) decorate or paint them in themes, submit their stories of conception and submit captions to coincide with the photographs. Not only do the moms to be have an opportunity to connect with other mothers, but they are entered to win some gift certificates to an online baby discount center.

If your pregnancy test has recently given you the thumbs up, maybe you should start making your plans for your baby’s daddy or a girlfriend to take some pictures of your belly button and stretch marks before you make the trip to the birthing room. Take this opportunity to make a statement to the world that you are pregnant and pleased with your body.

The contest rules state that anything goes as far as the photographs are concerned, so long as that no steps are taken in order to obtain funny pregnant tummy pictures that might result in discomfort or harm to the mother or the unborn child.

The pregnant tummy picture contests ends on December 31, 2008. For those who will be at or beyond the six month mark sometime between now and the last day of the year, you might consider putting a funny saying or decorations on your tummy to submit to the Not Your Average Pregnant Bikini Contest that is hosted by Unique Baby Gifts Ideas, Nursery Themes and Decorating Ideas which is considered by some to be one of the best baby decor websites around.

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