Looking for a Fun Summer Vacation? Dare to Go Bare in Palm Springs with the Terra Cotta Inn's Sizzling Summer No Tan Lines Special Offer.

Tired of the same old boring chain hotel vacations? Looking for a new, fun, exotic vacation experience? Now is the time to try a clothing optional vacation. Topless and nude sunbathing is the fastest growing trend in the travel industry. And Palm Springs, CA is the sunniest city in the US and the perfect summertime travel destination for your first nude vacation.

Looking for a Fun Summer Vacation? Dare to Go Bare in Palm Springs with the Terra Cotta Inn's Sizzling Summer No Tan Lines Special Offer.
Palm Springs, CA, July 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- It is the age old summer vacation dilemma. You have been working hard all year long. You desperately need a summer vacation, yet you don't want to deplete all of your savings for a nice, fun time off of work. What do you do?

With the reduced value of the dollar and the high cost of gasoline, you don't want to fly out of the country or drive very far this year, yet you want fantastic sunny weather for your vacation. Where do you go?

How about a new and exciting vacation at the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa. http://sunnyfun.com They are located in Palm Springs, California, the sunniest city in the America.

Does vacationing at a clothing optional resort sound far fetched? Well it shouldn't. According to Forbes magazine, vacations at nudist resorts and topless and nude beaches are the fastest growing trend in the travel industry.

What are the biggest reasons why more people don't vacation at nudist resorts? The excuses are many, but they boil down to people are afraid of the unknown.

People will think they are "too short, tall, thin, heavy, young, old, etc. to try topless or nude sunbathing." Others think only gym rats or models go to nudist resorts. Nervous women always use the excuse that they need to lose weight. Some women even think they are too busty or not buxom enough to fit in at clothing optional resorts.

All of these excuses are so untrue. All couples can enjoy the fun at clothes free resorts no matter what their age or body size. People of all walks of life, be they democrats, republicans, libertarians, or non voters love getting rid of their funny tan lines. Even some celebrities discreetly join in the fun and quietly get an all over suntan.

The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort is the perfect place for couples to have their first nude or topless sunbathing experience. Called the most mainstream nudist resort in America, people from around the world go there for their first all over suntan vacation experience.

The staff of The Terra Cotta Inn work very hard to make their guests feel very comfortable and have fun. No pressure is ever put on guests to disrobe immediately. If a woman only wants to topless sunbathe at first, that is perfectly OK. This makes them unique in the nudist resort industry and why first timers and repeat guests love staying at Terra Cotta.

Terra Cotta Inn has a state of the art high pressure poolside misting/cooling system to keep you comfortably cool in the summer. They have also invested in a salt water system pool and jacuzzi. They don't have to use all the harsh chemicals like typical hotels and resorts. The waters are very gentle on your bare skin.

As one of the few hotels in Palm Springs to invest in a salt water pool and jacuzzi, they have one of the highest occupancy rates of all hotels in town. Terra Cotta has big 9 foot market umbrellas for shade for those sun sensitive guests.

Finally, for those guests who have to stay in contact with the office, they have free wifi, so you can use your laptop in your room or by the pool.

It's time to stop making up excuses not to go. You need that relaxation and fun. No more boring chain hotel vacations.

And The Terra Cotta Inn makes it easy on your wallet with their annual summertime nude sunbathing special offer.

Make this summer the year you finally say goodbye to your tan lines forever. From now until August 29th, on Monday through Thursdays nights, they are running a special. When you stay 1 night, the 2nd is half priced. Rates start at $149/couple/night midweek. And if you book a week long vacation like many of the repeat guests do, the already discounted weekly rates are reduced by an additional $100/week to only $859/couple/week.

All rooms include complementary breakfast and afternoon snacks. To take advantage of the beautiful summer weather in Palm Springs, The Terra Cota Inn even has complementary early check in (10:00am) and late check out (5:00pm).

Make this the year you try a fun vacation. Book The Terra Cotta Inn in sunny Palm Springs, Ca, where tan lines will become just another pleasant memory.

The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa
Tom Mulhall