New Super Lightweight Cellular Concrete Equipment Pads

New Super Lightweight Cellular Concrete Equipment Pads

New super lightweight fiber reinforced cellular concrete equipment pads with an EPS foam core. Benefits include ease of handling, flexing without cracking and excellent noise absorption. - July 08, 2015 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC

Cresco Concrete Products Introduces Lightweight Concrete Parking Stops

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC fills Tuf-Stop™ plastic forms with cellular lightweight concrete and rebar to produce lightweight parking stops. - June 09, 2015 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC

Denver-Based Granite Distributor Granite Imports Sheds Light on the Granite Packaging Process for Granite Countertops

For anyone looking to understand the complex granite import business, Granite Imports is sharing their experiences on the many barriers that can pose problems during the packaging process. From the various sizing requirements of each granite slab to the protection process, Granite Imports knows the... - January 17, 2015 - Granite Imports Inc.

Granite Imports Supply Granite Slabs for Kitchen Remodeling of 25-Year-Old Columbine Country Club Townhome

Colorado-based granite distributor Granite Imports recently supplied the granite slabs for the kitchen remodeling of a 25-year-old home located in the Columbine Country Club neighborhood. Using two slabs of Venetian Gold and two additional slabs of Baltic Brown, a unique horseshoe shape design was... - November 20, 2014 - Granite Imports Inc.

Granite Imports General Manager Appointed as VP of Government Relations for National Kitchen & Bath Association

Granite Imports has announced that their general manager, Tracy Rivera, was recently appointed to the board of the National Kitchen & Bath Association as the Vice-President of Government Relations. - October 16, 2014 - Granite Imports Inc.

Expanding Market Territory with a Bigger Fleet of Trucks, Granite Imports Adds Value in Its Distribution

Larger Fleet Allows Granite Imports to Economically Deliver More Granite Slabs to More States - April 02, 2014 - Granite Imports Inc.

Basalite Concrete Products Introduces New Website

Basalite Concrete Products LLC, one of the leading producers of concrete pavers, retaining walls, packaged concrete and hardscape products in the Western United States and Canada, has released a new website with significant improvements in technology, market channels, locations and content. The... - March 02, 2014 - Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

New Hand-Selected Granite for Counters Now Available Through Granite Imports, Inc.

Denver, Colorado-based natural stone suppliers Granite Imports, Inc. have announced the addition of several new options to their offering of more than 300 granite slabs for fabrication of kitchen counters. Some of the new granite slabs are actually a resurrection of granite from quarries that shut... - September 06, 2013 - Granite Imports Inc.

Granite Imports, Inc. Increases Selection of Granite Counter Materials from South America

Denver, CO specialists for high-end home renovating materials, Granite Imports, Inc. has announced that they’ve added new items to their selection of granite counter materials from South and Central American quarries. After extensive travel to remote, small quarries carved out of the Andes and other mountain ranges, the buyers at Granite Imports have found new materials that are unique and produce some exquisite granite counter products. - June 13, 2013 - Granite Imports Inc.

Wholesale Tile Specialist Granite Imports, Inc. Now Offering Urban Slabs

Granite Imports, Inc., top Denver wholesaler for high quality natural stone tile products has announced that the company is now offering granite fabricators a new range of Urban Slabs. This new product is comprised primarily of recycled “post consumer” glass combined with Portland... - May 19, 2013 - Granite Imports Inc.

Granite Imports, Inc. Introduces New Enhance Plus for Granite Sink Maintenance Applications

Denver, CO-based Granite Imports, Inc. announced a new addition to their line-up of specialty natural stone maintenance products. The company is now offering Enhance Plus by Dry Treat, which has been designed to help granite users across Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder, Colorado ensure granite... - April 19, 2013 - Granite Imports Inc.

Granite Slabs Supplier Granite Imports, Inc. Introduces Stain Proof™ by Dry-Treat to Product Offering

Leading granite slabs supplier Granite Imports, Inc. has announced that they are now a distributor for Stain Proof™ sealers, manufactured by Dry-Treat. Stain Proof™ stands out as one of the premier impregnating sealers for any porous building material, providing protection from... - March 13, 2013 - Granite Imports Inc.

Basalite Concrete Products Annual Masonry Event a Success

Trowel Contest Draws over 300 attendees and 100 masons compete for awards and bragging rights. - October 05, 2012 - Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

Allan Block Continuing Education Approval

The Allan Block Contractor Certification course has recently been pre-approved by the ICPI for Certified Installer continuing education. This course is now approved for 7 credits. As of February 2012, ICPI Certified Installers are now required to obtain 8 continuing education credits over a two... - May 14, 2012 - Allan Block Corporation

Basalite Concrete Pavers Help Beautify Pittsburg, CA

The City of Pittsburg revitalizes a community focal point by incorporating a green project to the Town Plaza. - March 21, 2012 - Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

Basalite Concrete Products, Reno Earns Safety Honor

Nevada’s Safety Consultation and Training Section Recognizes Basalite for Creating a Safe, Healthy Work Environment for Employees and Guests - February 17, 2012 - Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

Basalite Concrete Products, LLC Announces New Plant

Basalite® Expands to Meet Demand in British Columbia, Canada. - February 02, 2012 - Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

Architarium Awarded Columbarium at Historic Brick Presbyterian Church in NYC

Architarium is honored to be working with the historic Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City as it creates a memorial space for its community. - March 02, 2011 - Architarium

STABIL Concrete Products, LLC Names Gerry Flach Vice President of Sales and Operations, Former CEO Will Oversee Growing Sales Force and Manufacturing Operation

STABIL Concrete Products, LLC, manufacturers of architectural precast concrete products, has named Gerry Flach as its new Vice President of Sales and Operations. - November 20, 2010 - STABIL Concrete Products, LLC

Architarium Sponsors New Death Care Blog:

Architarium, a US columbarium manufacturer, is sponsoring the new blog to provide basic answers to basic questions about funerals and death care. - September 26, 2010 - Architarium

Allan Block Design Software AB Walls 2007 Upgrade Now Available

Allan Block has enhanced their segmental retaining wall design software with an update to AB Walls 2007, Version 9.1. The update is currently available for download at or by clicking the Update button in AB Walls 2007. AB Walls 2007 is a comprehensive design tool which outputs... - August 27, 2009 - Allan Block Corporation

Architarium Commends Passage of Texas House Bill 1404 for Columbariums

Legislation Allows Churches More Freedom to Create Structures for Cremated Remains. Architarium, a US columbarium manufacturing business, today commends state legislators for the passage of Texas House Bill 1404, allowing more flexibility in the establishment and use of columbarium structures by... - May 20, 2009 - Architarium

Architarium Expands Columbarium Manufacturing Staff and Automation

Architarium (Austin, TX) hires a new columbarium production manager with high-tech manufacturing credentials. - May 18, 2009 - Architarium

Installation Guide for Allan Block Segmental Retaining Walls

Release of a complete installation guide on building Allan Block Retaining Walls. - January 09, 2009 - Allan Block Corporation

“Zoo Furniture” Expands Concrete Product Line

Front Range Precast Concrete (FRPC), manufacturers of concrete utility structures for septic service, water cisterns, and advanced treatment units are producing a new product line for 2007. Prefabricated concrete housing for animals like Athos and Diesel is another way FRPC helps contribute to the... - May 10, 2007 - Front Range Precast Concrete

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