TimTec Corporation

TimTec is a leading provider of synthetic organic and natural compounds for bioscreening, targeted libraries, building blocks, reagents, specialty chemicals, custom synthesis, weighing and microplate preparation, quality control including NMR analysis, HPLC products, database management software, diversity analysis, and prediction of physico-chemical properties.

TimTec's present collection of Stock Structures exceeds 160,000 of readily available synthetic organic compounds. All compounds are available on a cherry-pick basis in vials and/or microplates in custom amounts. The following library types are available: General Screening, Template-Based, Targeted, Diversity and Natural Products.

Whether your need is for milligram or kilogram quantities of material, TimTec provides custom organic synthesis using the latest technology. Our facilities are available for production of intermediates as well as Active Drug Substances under cGMP requirements.


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