DigiVision, Inc.

DigiVision, Inc.

DigiVision, Inc. is an established company that since 1990 has been a recognized leader in real-time image enhancement systems for medical, dental, industrial, military and most recently consumer electronics applications.  DigiVision has completed of its development and production of the market’s first system-on-chip real-time, large kernel video enhancement integrated circuit.  This DigiVision proprietary and patented technology brings life, clarity and detail to video images in a wide variety of application areas.  The DV1000 works with current broadcasting formats (NTSC, PAL) and with the Digital and HDTV systems as well.  DigiVision technology produces significant and noticeable improvement to the picture quality by increasing sharpness, local contrast and detail of video signals.  The DV1000 chip is working to our specification and is in full production now.  DigiVision is currently selling these chips to OEMs in the high volume consumer electronics industry, for projection TVs, direct-view TVs, plasma, LCDs, digital still cameras, set-top boxes and others.

The Company also patented and is producing an active video cable that contains the DV1000 technology.  Belkin Corporation is distributing the “RazorVision” for consumer electronics aftermarket applications through their worldwide distribution channels.   The video enhancement cable will be available in the in July and in Europe and Asia in September.   For those consumers who are not in the market for a new LCD, Plasma, projection or CRT, the RazorVision will be a cost effective solution to dramatically improve their picture quality.

DigiVision in a joint venture with Pixon Imaging has developed and is distributing jointly developed super resolution technology to the military and homeland security markets.  The PixonVision PV-200 box combines the DigiVision contrast enhancement with the Pixon method super resolution.  The Company has sold several units to the U.S. Navy Underwater Warfare Group and one unit to the Japanese Coast Guard for homeland security.

Recently, we have been in discussions with several large medical and dental equipment distributors regarding the DigiVision Active Cable for use in with endoscopic cameras, digital X-ray and intra-oral cameras.  The DigiVision cable will enable the doctors to see more detail, work more quickly and with more production and profits.

Technologies, Products and Services
The Company’s proprietary and patented techniques enable computationally intense operations to be performed on image data at video rates.  These enhancement operations include masking and adaptive filtration, called convolution operations, wherein the transformation of each pixel in the image is dependent on the data in its own surrounding image neighborhood (i.e. large kernel convolution).  Improvements in the video quality are performed through a patented locally adaptive contrast enhancement process.  The locally adaptive content is in the vicinity (3 – 10% of the video image).  By contrast, the global adjustments on most TV sets adjust all picture elements the same degree.  Competing technologies address a small number of pixels, which produces sharp outlines and unrealistic pictures.

The DigiVision technology is effective in a wide variety of applications.   In consumer electronics or home theater, DigiVision can sharpen the picture bringing out details previously unseen.  Local contrast is also increased where it is needed in each frame allowing details in dark and light areas to be seen simultaneously.  The result is a clearer, brighter and more detailed picture.  The DigiVision technology can be used with CRTs, Projection, DLPs, LCDs, Plasma, digital cameras, game boxes and others in the consumer market.  This technology can also be critical to military, medical and industrial applications.  Additionally, DigiVision has developed an intelligent video cable that is capable of dramatically improving any video source (Standard TV or High Definition TV) very economically.  The intelligent cable will be marketed through Belkin Corporation into the Consumer Electronics market and through DigiVision’s distributors to the medical/dental markets.  The Company is also in discussions with several telecommunications companies to license the DigiVision IP for use in their cellular camera phones.

DigiVision has a joint venture with Pixon LLC, a recognized technology leader in software image reconstruction with noise reduction.  The DigiVision/Pixon joint venture is developing a “Super resolution” technology that will be the next generation in image reconstruction & enhancement. This revolutionary technology is expected to be available for military and medical applications in FY2004 and consumer applications in 2005.   This technology improves resolution by 2X, and decreases noise by 4X.

DigiVision has three patents granted and three pending that protect the image enhancement technology and intelligent cable technologies.   Our patent coverage extends to 2018.  Additionally, the Company has twenty years of video enhancement know how and experience.

Market and Competitive Advantages
The potential market includes all image-based consumer products including CRTs, front and rear projectors, plasma, LCDs and other future technologies that are pixel based.   Our technology can also be incorporated into set top boxes, satellite TV systems, video game boxes and others.     The Company sees a hybrid sales model with the majority of revenues coming from the sales of chips with some IP licensing to those OEMs addressing the high volume, low margin markets such as digital and analog televisions, DVDs and cable boxes.
Another key market is for a low cost image enhancement device for legacy TVs. The total market for established TVs over 31” is 350 million in North America, 300 million in Europe and almost 350 in Asia and Australia.  We believe that a low cost video enhancement device would sell well in many of these markets. DigiVision has filed a patent for a intelligent video enhancement cable to address this market in conjunction with an agreement with Belkin Corporation to distribute the cable through their worldwide channel partners.  Belkin introduced the “RazorVision” cable at the 2005 CES show and will start selling the active cable through their retail channels in November, 2005. 

DigiVision is currently in discussions with many of the key consumer electronics OEMs regarding their incorporation of the DigiVision DV1000 chip or licensing our IP to put into one of their own chips.  We currently have two design wins and have begun to ship chips to LCD/Plasma OEMs. The Company is also in discussions with several cellular camera phone manufacturers regarding the licensing of the DigiVision IP to improve the contrast and sharpness of the cellular phone LCD panel.

The medical, dental and veterinary markets are well established, growing rapidly and in need of cost effective image enhancement.   The Company believes with the right distributor, the DigiVision Enhancement Cable will be able to address those medical and dental doctors requiring a cost effective upgrade of their current camera systems worldwide. We are currently in discussions with several of the key market players regarding a strategic partnership.  The DigiVision technology works with any camera system on any display device and can be modified by a USB interface for the application.  DigiVision is planning to build the DigiVision Cable this Fall for availability in Q1, 2006.

The DigiVision cable can also be effectively used in the military and homeland security markets, the industrial market and others where real-time imaging is critical to process or mission.

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