Cov`et is LA’s best kept fashion secret. Cov`et is not just a clothing line it’s a style culture which encompasses Cov`et Design House, Cov`et Fashion Gallery and Cov`et Style Productions. This clothing conglomerate helmed by, native Angelino, Jennifer Garcia is located in one of the restored historical Old Bank District Lofts.

Originally Jen started Cov`et Style Productions, which later developed into the clothing line Cov`et Design House and the retail clothing boutique Cov`et Fashion Gallery, as a means to express her creativity as a stylist. However Cov`et’s designs quickly became a spark on LA’s underground fashion scene. The emergence of Cov`et’s style culture stems from Jen’s own hunger for clothing that displayed sexy edged energy. With the catch phrase “Desire to be Different” Cov`et is fashions future to individuality.

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