"Deloitte," as a Knowledge Partner at GOAL's New York Legal Conference 2012

Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers (GOAL) Proclaims Partnership with Deloitte for the Global LPO Conference and Exhibition 2012, New York City, USA. - August 25, 2012

GOAL to Host a Web Conference on “Identity, Privacy, and Data Protection in the Cloud – What is Being Done? Is it Enough?”

Agenda: Important key identity, data protection and privacy issues in the Cloud; Recognize and explain the obstacles, barriers, and successes identified in Cloud case studies; Explain the outcome of Cloud evaluation process and future direction - August 23, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on "Data Masking - Understanding the Combined Power of Dynamic and Physical Data in Privacy Assurance and Protection"

Agenda: - Privacy regulations and protecting data privacy in fast growing, multi-layered and complex business environments - Customer use cases where personal information is protected within packaged and custom applications - Implementation best practices - August 22, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Anti-Corruption Series Data Analytics For Finding Corruption"

Agenda: Ethics Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption; Anti-Corruption Programs Enable Business Agilit; Anti-Corruption Issue Management; How to Conduct Corruption Investigations. - August 10, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “ABA Guidance on Legal Outsourcing and Changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct”

Agenda: Legal Outsourcing is Nothing New; Legal Outsourcing Ethics Timeline of Events; Historical Guidance was Extremely Limited; ABA, Law Society and SRA Begin to Provide Guidance; Opinions on Legal Outsourcing - August 09, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Common Problems In Technology Outsourcing Transactions: How To Recognize And Avoid Them”

Agenda: The common problems in technology outsourcing and discussion about problems begin in the initial business misunderstanding, Business and Legal Due Diligence, Outsourcing Agreement Terms and Conditions and Cloud computing. - August 05, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Uncovering the Legal and Business Issues Behind Cloud Computing”

Agenda: - What are the risks to using cloud computing? - What tools are available for managing risk regarding using cloud computing? - If something happens or in case of breach, how can I get the information I need? - August 04, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on "Wearing Two Hats — In-House Counsel and Compliance Officer"

Agenda: - What the compliance officer’s role is under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and according to best practice - The inherent conflicts of the roles, how to identify them and resolve them if possible - Challenges in reconciling conflicts in acting as in house counsel and a business person - August 03, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Systematic and Strategic Intellectual Property Management”

Agenda: How do I identify intangible assets and their value for my activity?; What does IP management mean?; How do I develop an IP policy? What should be included? - August 02, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Legal Research and Writing Support Services”

Agenda: Introduction to Legal Research and Writing, Legal Research and What Resources to Use, International and Foreign Legal Research, Legal Writing Support Services and Why Outsourcing is Feasible - July 21, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “The 21St Century’s Global Sourcing Center”

Agenda: Evolution of Global Sourcing over past Two decades (1990-2010); Understanding Core Competencies Essential for Successful Global Outsourcing; New Macro Trends in Global Sourcing; How & Why America can be the Global Sourcing Hub of the 21st Century? - July 18, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “State of the LPO Market-Current Trends, Viability and Adoption Rates”

Agenda - Identifying the primary drivers behind legal outsourcing for: In-house counsel and Law firms. Examining recent trends in the type of services being outsourced: Practice or administrative support functions; Legal processes; Specialized legal services. - July 13, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Compliance Outsourcing in the AML/CFT Space (Anti-money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism)”

Agenda: Fundamentals of AML/CFT – a significant and continuing concern in the US, Mexico, EU and India and elsewhere in the world; Compliance outsourcing in the AML/CFT space: Why and how this is different from other types of outsourcing, such as LPO - July 11, 2012

GOAL to Host a Webinar on “Information Privacy in the United States and Aboard — Why Information Privacy is a Key Issue?”

Agenda: - The Current Information Privacy Framework in the U.S. - General Considerations - Facebook’s Privacy Issues - Google’s Privacy Issues The FTC’s New Report: “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Change” - July 08, 2012

GOAL to Host a Web Conference on “IP Outsourcing World: Dusk of an Era or New Beginning?"

Agenda: Boosting Innovation and Creativity: How 2012 Has Changed the Face of IP. Realizing IP value potential, reinforcing patent portfolio, escaping litigation: why buying patents? Why outsourcing? Managing IP Portfolio with Offshoring Partner - July 04, 2012

GOAL (Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers) to Host an Upcoming Webinar on “Immigration Legal Services and Role of Legal Process Outsourcing”

Agenda: -Assessing the relevance of Immigration offshore outsourcing -Learning the ways to control legal expenses of Immigration Departments with strategic budgeting -Addressing the scope and limitations of Immigration outsourcing Date: 27 June 2012 Time: 09:00 AM PDT Duration: 60 minutes... - June 24, 2012

GOAL (Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers) to Host an Exclusive Webinar on “Cloud Computing & Global Legal Industry - Biggest Game Changers under One Roof”

Topics : -Cloud: The Triumph of Automation over Administration -Data security in the cloud with cloud encryption -How Cloud Computing Will Change The Legal Industry? -What strategic advantages can a cloud-based data center offer? - June 23, 2012

GOAL to Host a Web Conference in February 2012 on Trends and Challenges in Intellectual Property Offshoring

The panel discussion on the web will offer you a realistic study of outstanding IP developments and best practices for IP development, protection and enforcement while outsourcing/offshoring. This meeting will also give IP service providers an opportunity to understand what needs to be done for better task execution, to adopt and develop new business strategies and share space with LPO buyers and many more. - February 11, 2012

GOAL to Host an Web Conference on "Why Did I Outsource and Why That Was a Great Decision?" on 27 January 2012

This web conference will be a platform where industry buyers of IP/LPO services will discuss the live experiences of outsourcing/offshoring. - January 21, 2012

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