Front Edge Publishing Releases Major General James L. Dozier's Memoir

Maj. General James L. Dozier served 35 years in the U.S. Army around the world. In 1981 he was kidnapped by terrorists in Italy and held for 42 days before being rescued—a news story that circled the globe. Now, Dozier tells about those traumatic events, while inspiring us with timeless values that can help us to thrive while facing our fears. Over many years, he has shared these lessons in mentoring thousands of high school students. Now, this American hero shares these timeless values with us. - October 14, 2021

Domestic Terrorism Stole the Lives of Her Son and Father; Now, Mindy Corporon Shares Her Journey of Grief and Courageous Kindness in an Inspiring New Memoir

In "Healing a Shattered Soul," Mindy Corporon invites readers to join her search for inspiration and hope after domestic terrorism took the lives of her father and son. Headlines about the attack circled the world. Now, Mindy takes readers inside her family’s struggle, the support... - March 19, 2021

Ken Whitt's "God Is Just Love" to be Published by Read the Spirit Books

How can people of faith foster love and resilience in our children while building sustainable, diverse communities? That's the big question Ken Whitt answers in his brand new book, "God Is Just Love." - January 15, 2021

Dr. David P. Gushee’s Final Seminary Christian Ethics Lectures to be Published by Front Edge Publishing

Front Edge Publishing is pleased to announce an agreement to publish the final "Introducing Christian Ethics lectures" by Dr. David P. Gushee, who is known around the world as a leading Christian scholar and ethicist. Through decades of teaching Christian Ethics at Mercer University in... - December 24, 2020

"100 Questions & Answers About Latter-Day Saints" is Now Available

Front Edge Publishing and Michigan State University's School of Journalism are proud to announce the publication of "100 Questions & Answers About Latter-day Saints." - November 12, 2020

Craig Lemasters Tells How He Helps Companies Become "Unstuck" - Pandemic or No Pandemic

In "Unstuck," Craig Lemasters shares techniques he has used in a lifetime of helping Fortune 500 companies fill their knowledge gaps - using reciprocity, strategic planning, rapid cycle learning and make-it-happen coaching through direct connections with enlightened resources. - October 08, 2020

Front Edge Publishing Launches "Harnessing the Power of Tension"

Our world is full of tension, it's all over the headlines. Maybe we need more tension? Front Edge Publishing is announcing "Harnessing The Power of Tension" by Brenda Naomi Rosenberg and Samia Moustapha Bahsoun. - November 13, 2015

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