Green River I Have Returned by Robert Elias Ballard

Author publishes new book, Green River I Have Returned-Is This Not the Land of Beulah, a short book where he shares some life events and heritage from Green River Township, a small rural area of Henderson County in Western North Carolina. A short book of memories with inspiration and nostalgia where life is compared to a river and the various twists and turns that encompass all our lives.

Zirconia, NC, October 13, 2008 --( Robert Ballard, a retired machine technician has written a small book of short stories in which he shares his experience in dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the experience of his son, Gary who was born with a genetic eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Ballard says of his RA,"My knees were so deteriorated that you could literally hear me walk into a room. It sounded as though I was walking on bubble wrap, exploding those little cells with each step I would take."

Gary, Ballard's son was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa which manifested itself when he was in grammar school and progressed to legal blindness while a high school student. Gary once said,"Life has given me a lemon and I guess I will just have to make some lemon-aid. Ballard shares how Gary dealt with this debilitating eye disease and the phenomenal support and respect that he gained from his peers in dealing with his situation.

Ballard says in the introduction,"Life is like a river, filled with an assortment of details. While at times the river is smooth and life is easy and at other times, obstacles and rapids make the going tough." Sharing these experiences, Ballard feels that others who may have similar life experiences will feel a sense of empathy while reading these stories.

Keeping with Ballards's style this is a very simple book of personal stories meant only to be shared and enjoyed by the reader and he includes some of his favorite fishing tales, his love for fiddles, some heritage from the area such as shaped-note singing, the local curb market, and others stories which will excite memories of others. Pictures from the Green River area are included. A short read only 87 pages.

Robert Elias Ballard is 60 years old and lives in the Green River Community of Zirconia, North Carolina. This book can be found at

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