Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS) Global Reader Announces Digital Sales Partnership with DNAML

DNAML’s DNL eBooks and MPS Mobile’s Global Reader are joining forces to accelerate publisher adoption of the DNL eBook format (.DNL) and the Global Reader mobile format worldwide.

New York, NY, October 29, 2008 --( Coming out of talks held during the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, DNAML’s DNL eBooks and MPS Mobile’s Global Reader are joining forces to accelerate publisher adoption of the DNL eBook format (.DNL) and the Global Reader mobile format worldwide.

DNAML has over 110 million DNL readers currently active on laptops and computers in the world market while Global Reader is on 80 mobile carriers in over 160 countries and can be potentially accessed by over 3.3 billion mobile handsets worldwide.

Publishers are being encouraged to submit either a PDF or XML file (preferably EPUB) to Macmillan Publishing Services who can then produce a bundle of products at a special price that will include immediate access to both the DNL eBook and Global Reader sales platforms. “Macmillan Publishing Solutions has been providing high quality conversion work to DNAML. Working with the MPS team on market penetration is a natural progression of our relationship as DNL eBooks and Global Reader complement each other so very well,” says Adam Schmidt CEO of DNAML.

“We feel the DNL eBook solution is a great solution for publishers to quickly get their books to market in a high quality eBook format. One that can take advantage of all the multi-media capabilities eBooks can give, while not sacrificing security and control. Working with both mobile and DNL formats as outputs also insures that we can provide publishers with a high quality, consistent yet inexpensive EPUB product they can use elsewhere,” says Bob Kasher Director of Sales for MPS Mobile and Macmillan Publishing Solutions New Media Division.

DNAML and Global Reader’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions are considered the most secure eBook DRM in their respective markets giving publishers the security to protect and control their copyright effectively anywhere in the world. Both systems also allow territorial rights to be respected giving publishers the option to turn on and turn off rights to their products in any country in the world. This provides publishers with new effective options to the two biggest potential media markets – the laptop computer and the smart phone – available to them. This partnership helps publishers enter the eBook market for minimal cost and maximum market accessibility. It also gives publishers real time information on customer sales and direct access to reselling that customer without the mediating influence of third party vendors keeping that information to themselves.

About MPS Mobile and Global Reader

Global Reader is available on over 75 Mobile Carriers worldwide in over 160 countries. You can receive it on any Internet enabled mobile device including the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericksson Smart phones as well as over 800 other devices. You can access it on your mobile device via

MPS Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS), a leader in providing publishing services to international publishing and media companies for over 30 years. MPS Mobile is the Global Platform and software solution enabling content providers to reach mobile phone audiences worldwide.


Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, DNAML Pty Limited is a software development company specializing in e-publishing solutions.

Over the past ten years DNAML has created innovative products in the in the field of electronic publishing, based around its document-authoring system, Desktop Author. Desktop Author can be used to create multi-media empowered, interactive and secure eBooks in the DNL eBook format.

The DNL eBook format embeds the payment gateway system internally of the ebook allowing the ebook to be purchased from within the ebook. The DNL eBooks are protected with the DNL DRM system which also allows for the DNL eBooks to be sold on a try before you buy basis. In all DNL eBooks can be considered to be floating shops.

DNAML has over 48,000 DeskTop Author customers around the world and over 110 million DNL eBook readers on Desktop’s PC’s and Laptops.

DNAML is the owner of

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