Exotissimo Launches New Facebook Group for Travelers in Thailand

Exotissimo created a new Facebook group to keep travelers up-to-date on the travel situation in Thailand.

Exotissimo Launches New Facebook Group for Travelers in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand, December 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Exotissimo Travel has announced the creation of a new group dedicated to the current travel situation and tourism news in Thailand on Facebook, the popular social networking site.

Named ‘Thailand: Friends Through Travel’, this new Facebook group is meant for visitors who are affected by the current closures of Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports in Bangkok, as well as for interested visitors to and tourism practitioners in Thailand.

Exotissimo’s Director, Hamish Keith, said “Our aim is to develop and improve communication channels via Facebook for travelers in Thailand who may be encountering difficulties in receiving travel updates in the midst of the confusion. At the same time that they are communicating with their family and friends back home, they can also seek news updates from this Facebook group.”

As the group administrator, Exotissimo has outlined several multi-faceted objectives for the group.

The main aim is to provide updates on Thailand’s travel situation in a timely manner. As a tour operator based in Bangkok, Exotissimo is in direct contact with the various Thai tourism authorities and ground situation in Thailand. The company is able to feed useful travel news and suggestions for travelers.

Secondly, travelers who have been affected by the Bangkok airport closures are welcome to access ‘Thailand: Friends through Travel’ and share their personal experiences and knowledge on alternative travel arrangements on the group discussion boards.

In addition, Exotissimo welcomes the entire Thai tourism industry to join the group and leverage on the potential to communicate news to others.

Hamish added, “It may seem like a gloomy time for travel to Thailand, but we want to lighten the mood with the launch of this Facebook group. Whether it’s a horrifying tale of long check-in times or a heart-warming story of a Thai person going out of his or her way to help you, post it!”

For starters, discussion threads on viable options on traveling in and out of Bangkok and traveler experiences on the airport closures have been posted. The group also included tips and guidelines for travelers on how to make the most out of their time while being stuck in Bangkok.

The ‘Thailand: Friends through Travel’ Facebook group is open for everyone to join. Individuals or organisations interested to become one of the group moderators can contact Exotissimo directly.

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