CellarStone Releases Easy-Commission, an On-Demand Sales Commission Application for Small, Medium Businesses and Individual Sales Reps

San Mateo, CA, March 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- CellarStone Inc., a provider of sales commission solutions, has announced the release of its newest sales commission product, Easy-Commission. Easy-Commission is a fully hosted, on-demand application that is available over the web for all customers.

Sales people are among the most important personnel in any company and adequately compensating them for high performance becomes an important business activity for the company. In addition to sales people, sales managers, technical support personnel and others may also be incented. Sales commission programs are possibly the most variable programs conducted by a firm. These programs tend to vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times, within companies in an industry. Sales commission programs tend to be different by employees even within a single firm.

Small businesses invariably rely on spreadsheets to calculate their unique commissions. These spreadsheets take a lot of manual entry to work, take a lot of time and cause errors. Both the company and sales people end up very unsatisfied with this solution. Sales people do not have good visibility into their calculations and end up with trust issues regarding their compensation. They start ‘shadow accounting’ their commissions themselves.

Easy-Commission is a very simple to use commission system that allows quick and easy set up of commission plans for each individual rep. The commission rules are very flexible to handle many different types of commissions.

“The application was designed to be easy enough for commission administrators to use without any training” said Gopi Mattel, CEO of CellarStone, Inc. “Since it is on the web, companies can directly start using the application without having to go through any sales process”.

Easy-Commission is designed to be very affordable for businesses and individual sales reps to administer their commissions. In addition, customers can try the application before they buy.

Easy-Commission is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application and hence can be used by sales people all over the world. Reps have access to the application through their web browser and can understand their commission results clearly. Companies can even let sales reps enter their own orders directly into Easy-Commission. Commission administrators and managers can have a complete view of commission results for the company. User security allows restriction of viewing of results and the execution of functions.

Features in Easy-Commission:
- Sales person, manager and commission administrator access
- Detailed commission statements for multiple periods
- Customer, product and transaction entry
- Unique commission plan by sales rep
- Import transactions from Excel
- User security
- Reports and dashboards

Easy-Commission is immediately available for general release. Please use this link to get additional information http://www.easy-commission.com. There will be a Webinar demonstrating the Easy-Commission application on Apr 22nd at 10:00AM Pacific Time; please check http://www.easy-commission.com for details.

About CellarStone:
CellarStone, Inc. is one of the premier companies offering products and services in the Sales Compensation arena. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems.

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