Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. Contributes to Successful DVB-SH Live Mobile TV Demonstrations During the Mobile World Congress

Vaughan, Canada, March 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Unique Broadband Systems Ltd (UBS), a world leader in the development of COFDMtechnology and applications, played a key role in the successful deployment of a pilot network utilizing Digital Video Broadcasting equipment based on the new DVB-SH standard. The Live Mobile TV demonstrations carried out by Solaris Mobile, in cooperation with Abertis Telecom, the leading provider of broadcast and telecommunications infrastructure in Spain, took place during the Mobile World Congress last week in Barcelona.

The intent of the demonstrations was to show that a DVB-SH compliant signal can be successfully transmitted to vehicle mounted audio/video receivers, in a built up metropolitan area such as Barcelona. For this purpose, UBS designed Terrestrial Repeaters, relaying satellite signals provided through capacity supplied by Eutelsat, were deployed on top of Abertis Telecom towers. The signal was then transmitted to Quantum receivers equipped with Calearo active antennas, installed in five, E Class Series, Mercedes cars, provided by Europcar. The preliminary results of this trial showed excellent coverage and high in-car reception quality.

UBS is scheduled to participate in the testing of the full DVB-SH technology during the next J-Ortigia pilot network deployment, in Italy, within the next two months, waiting only for Eutelsat’s W2A satellite to be launched in March. This satellite will carry an S-band payload managed by Solaris Mobile, the joint venture company established by Eutelsat and SES Astra.

Antonio Arcidiacono, Eutelsat Director of Innovation said that “the launch of the S-band payload on the W2A satellite is paving the way for an innovative new way of broadcasting mobile services for vehicular and personal use, through a hybrid satelliteterrestrial network”. Detlef Schulz, Vice President Product Development at SES ASTRA in Luxembourg, said: “Solaris Mobile will, for the first time in Europe, provide efficient satellite connectivity to potentially millions of devices and vehicles. It offers unique coverage across many European countries and is an ideal enabler for a wide range of services and business models.”

UBS role in the next J-Ortigia trial is to design and manufacture all the DVB-SH Terrestrial Repeaters operating in S-band with the support of full SFN synchronization. The J-Ortigia project, co-funded by the European Space Agency, aims at providing technology trials from May 2008 until September 2009 in order to carry out extensive measurement campaigns. The J-Ortigia consortium constitutes an ecosystem bringing together partners from the whole value chain such as satellite and terrestrial operators (Eutelsat, SES Astra and Abertis Telecom), equipment designers and manufacturers (UBS and Fraunhofer IIS), radio network suppliers (MBI), radio network planning providers (AWE) and research centers (DLR).

“UBS’s involvement in the most advanced DVB-SH field trials in Europe demonstrates UBS solid technological expertise and capability to participate in spearheading the early introduction of end-to-end validated DVB-SH systems”, says David Dane, UBS President and CEO. “We are convinced that the fruitful cooperation we have put in place during the Barcelona demonstrations and the J-Ortigia project will be instrumental in strengthening DVB-SH systems as an alternative technology in the Mobile Television market.”

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