Inspirtech Offers Free 3D CAD Training Tutorials for New SolidWorks Software Users

In an effort to help combat a rising unemployment rate, inspirtech has begun offering free 3D CAD technology training to users new to SolidWorks. SolidWorks is industry standard mechanical design software used to design products ranging from industrial machinery to medical instruments. Inspirtech uses proven teaching techniques to instruct, inspire and instill confidence into users with cutting edge technologies.

Inspirtech Offers Free 3D CAD Training Tutorials for New SolidWorks Software Users
Tehachapi, CA, April 06, 2009 --( The Inspirtech QuickStart offer was created to inspire individuals who have found themselves victims of a struggling economy, losing the motivation to learn. Inspirtech’s goal is to motivate independent learners, and thus stimulate long-term economic growth. Inspirtech offers the opportunity to teach skills that are in high demand. No time is ever wasted acquiring knowledge.

When setting out to learn a new skill, it is important to feel confident that the skill is of value. SolidWorks is definitely a software package that is worth learning. It is a 3-dimensional solid modeling program used all around the world to design everything from consumer products to industrial machinery. Recent searches on some of the largest online job boards, including Workopolis and Monster, show demand for individuals with SolidWorks knowledge to be four times more abundant, than skill requirements for competing software packages.

Inspirtech training is delivered over the internet allowing users to learn in the comfort of their own home on their time. Course material is structured in such a way that each topic can be either thoroughly examined or quickly understood, based on the learner’s aptitude. The QuickStart course was designed for individuals without any SolidWorks experience. Start learning with Inspirtech SolidWorks tutorials today.

“The lessons are great. I tried to learn SW in the past using books and printed reference materials. That was a waste of time. I'd all but given up when I found Inspirtech. Within days I was drawing parts. and I don't mean the ones in the lessons. I was drawing my own parts. This was the best investment I've ever made.” -

Satisfied Inspirtech Customer

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Inspirtech creates video based training that combines the knowledge of SolidWorks® Certified Professionals and qualified teachers, to create a structured training solution, rich with examples and exercises.

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