A New Fuel Additive MPGreen Launched at Strauss Auto in NY NJ and PA

A New Fuel Additive MPGreen Launched at Strauss Auto in NY NJ and PA
South River, NJ, May 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- MPGreen, Inc. A startup based in San Diego CA has recently introduced a line of gasoline and diesel fuel additives at Strauss Auto that were previously only available for industrial use in 55 gallon drums. The formula has been used extensively for eleven years in Latin America to help combat the effects of poor fuel quality. Until the Strauss Auto Launch on May 6th 2009 the only way for consumers to buy the product was though the company’s website.

MPGreen has made a splash in the Tri-State area with the launch of the MPGreen line of fuel additives. Strauss Auto stores in NY, NJ, and PA have been selling MPGreen at a fast clip with no advertising or previous branding in the first few days of its introduction. In a climate of growing concern for the environment and people’s pocket books, MPGreen could not have come at a better time. MPGreen promises to help lower harmful emissions in older vehicles by helping to eliminate and prevent carbon buildup inside a cars engine. MPGreen is a powerful detergent that cleans out a vehicles fuel system allowing it to run more smoothly and with improved gas millage by virtue of having a cleaner fuel system.

MPGreen is highly concentrated and offers a long list of benefits to improve fuel quality that lead to better combustion including the ability to disperse excess water, and add lubricity to a vehicles fuel. According to the companies CEO Aksel Chernitzky “Many people take their car to the car wash, but few take the time to clean out the most important part of their vehicle; their engine. Treatment with MPGreen will give help clean out a vehicles fuel system to keep it running in better condition.” When asked about starting a company in a down economy Chernitzky said “In times like these we should be looking to innovate and create jobs and that is just what we are going to do with MPGreen.”

The company’s VP of sales Tony Galvin said when asked about starting out at Strauss Auto said “NY is where everything starts, if we can make it here we can make it anywhere” With a long pipeline of prospective distributors in countries ranging from Japan to Sweden, Italy, and Spain MPGreen is well on its way to become a top selling fuel additive for consumers worldwide. The company is hopeful the people of NY NJ and PA will make MPGreen their additive of choice and help kick start the companies sales.

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MPGreen bottle

MPGreen bottle

MPGreen product sheet explains the benefits of MPGreen fuel additives