AuthorHouse Releases Top Ten Best Seller List for June 2009

Figures Based on Retailer Channel Sales Data

Bloomington, IN, August 05, 2009 --( AuthorHouse the leading provider of self publishing and marketing services for authors around the globe, has announced its ten top-selling books for June 2009, according to point-of-purchase data..

1. And Gladly Teach, by Dr. Brian Libby; (Novel). And Gladly Teach offers a funny and sarcastic view on boarding schools, one that is different from the common stereotypes of wealth and challenging academics that surrounds them. A view that is altogether too true.

2. The Gangbanger's Dictionary: One Hundred And Eighty-seven Things You Better Know Before You Join a Gang, by Derek Grover; (Memoir). Derek Grover offers a glimpse into the life of a gangster and the inner workings of a violent street gang.

3. Saharan Boy, by Richard Bellamy; (Young Adult). Hamid Mbarka set off across the Saharan desert in search of his father, who had been taken prisoner by the Polisario Liberation Front. This is a coming-of-age story of a boy who will do anything to bring his father home.

4. Letters from Margaret, by Julian Granberry; (Non-fiction). Fifty-two years after her death, personal letters from Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, reveal what this extraordinary woman was really like, even amid all of the media attention.

5. The Hill Witch, by JJ Christopher; (Young Adult). Margaret Adler has been teaching ninth-grade science, watching and waiting for the secret of unheard-of power. When Jeremy McKee, a popular fifteen-year-old, enters her class, he becomes the key to her success, and she will stop at nothing to obtain this power.

6. Scripture Workbook: For Personal Bible Study and Teaching the Bible, by Gary F. Zeolla; (Spiritual). Are you looking for a challenge in your spiritual life? This workbook provides aid for individual and group bible studies; covering several subjects throughout the Bible and challenging others to grow in their knowledge of the Christian life.

7. Perfect Town, by Katie L. Daniels; (Fiction). Perfect Town chronicles the life of a family after learning that their father, Grant Gianova, is having an affair. From the feelings of the other woman to the response of the children, this book shines light into the world of a cheating husband and the influence his actions have on his family.

8. Drive Without Fear, by Norman Klein; (Educational). Overcome your fear of driving using tips from Drive Without Fear.

9. Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim, by Dan Baldyga; (Instructional). Have you recently been hurt in an auto accident? Use these tips to learn the ins and outs of insurance companies, and make sure you are fairly compensated for your accident.

10. Incidents from a Shelter: The Season of the Larva, by Karen Maxwell; (Memoir). Relive the lives of several homeless women living in poverty. Follow them on a journey through the lives they lead, the lives they left behind, and the lives that lay ahead of them.

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