The URateLocal and URateStuff Community Can Earn Cash for Putting Products and Local Services on the Map

The URateLocal and URateStuff Community Can Earn Cash for Putting Products and Local Services on the Map
Toronto, Canada, June 29, 2007 --( URateLocal is a peer review database where people can rate customer and seller reviews on local services while earning money for contributing their own reviews. The site is designed so people can browse reviews of the most popular venues in their area by review and reviewer ranking, tags, and more. The growing URateLocal community determines the popularity of a review by rating it according to its usefulness. It is a system where customers benefit from each others experiences. The site also enables more collaboration between customers and business owners by allowing business owners to link to any customer review for free. Customers have used URateLocal to search local services in their area and plan trips and meetings away from home while business owners have used its capability as a trending tool to make improvements to their business model.

Customers can earn extra income through URateLocal’s profit share program in which they earn money through Google Adsense. Users who post reviews can now get compensated for helping the growing Urate community make more informed choices when it comes to choosing the best college, finding the most reliable health care provider, or finding the most exciting entertainment venue. The site operates on the principle that those who benefit from other user reviews can help the author of that review make money by commenting on it or recommending it. Reviews that are ranked high by the URateLocal community stay in the database longer and can be featured on the front page where their reviews can be seen by a much bigger audience.

Customers often do not realize the value their reviews have to local business owners who use the reviews to learn more about who their potential clients are. It is recommended that when members register, they include all their demographic info which will help local business owners help them in a system the Urate team likes to call the “Circle Of Progress”. While the demographic info helps local business owners market their services even before they have a location, customers will be the first to know when a service catering to them will open in their area. The more demographic info you provide, the more local business owners could use that information to attract the customers they want by tagging their reviews, adding pictures and videos, and posting links to URateLocal reviews on their homepage, blog, or any other site that allow button links. Through this “Circle of Progress”, URateLocal aims to bring customers together with the services that matter most to them.

For those with entrepreneurial dreams, URateLocal along with its product review counterpart URateStuff are the perfect place to test your product or service in a system that helps you target a demographic, find buyers and investors within the Urate community, or seek professional advice from business owners who update their member pages to include up to the minute bio and contact information. The data that is compiled on URateLocal and URateStuff are available to everyone and useful to those who do market research in their field of expertise.

URateLocal and URateStuff are the only review sites that allow users to post videos in their reviews. Customers can post video reviews and videos that detail their experiences using a product or service while sellers and business owners can post video ads in which they can be creative in how they choose to position their product. Sellers can also take advantage of the video format by posting live tutorials and using their personality to give their product or service more credibility.

More multimedia and web 2.0 features are currently in development at URateStuff and URateLocal to make it one of the most viral social networks for users looking to find others with similar interests. Users can make friends, subscribe to RSS feeds for automatic updates, and upload multimedia content. The site is featuring cities from the U.S. and Canada with more updates coming soon.

Since URateLocal brings local people together, it can also be used to network offline. This ability to form an outside community of people who share the same tastes in art, music, food, and recreation represents a new era in Web 2.0.

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