OSEI Says "Shame on the EPA Their 'Science' Endorses Toxic Oil Spill Response"; CEO Will Discuss Non Toxic Solution to Oil Spills Globally on CNBC January 16-17th 2013

This series on CNBC Features Non-Toxic Oil Spill Cleanup Method OSE II, an alternative to the EPA's current response. OSEI CEO Steven Pedigo says "The US EPA has forced toxic antiquated spill response on the US environment for 23 years." Oil Spill Eater II is the safe non toxic oil spill clean up product that can remove 100% of a spill by converting it to a safe end point of CO2 and water, which other countries are utilizing to protect their environments.

OSEI Says "Shame on the EPA Their 'Science' Endorses Toxic Oil Spill Response"; CEO Will Discuss Non Toxic Solution to Oil Spills Globally on CNBC January 16-17th 2013
Dallas, TX, January 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- 21st Century Business TV Series Features - Non-Toxic Oil Spill Cleanup Method OSE II

OSEI Corporation -- In the wake of the U.S. Department of Justice’s settlement with Transocean and the looming civil trial on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster set to begin on February 25th in New Orleans, OSEI Corporation will be featured on 21st Century Business TV Series on CNBC premiering Jan 16th bringing to light a unique non-toxic, cost effective oil spill cleanup solution for the Gulf of Mexico and any future spills.

The show interviews OSEI CEO Steven Pedigo, inventor of Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II), an environmentally safe, enzyme based bioremediation oil spill cleanup product. Pedigo tells about the 23-year history of his company and its successes in removing oil and other toxic spills in every type of environment, including difficult to reach and environmentally sensitive habitats. Pedigo has aggressively challenged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for tampering with science to justify inadequate oil spill cleanup protocols used on the BP Oil Spill while ‘blockading’ safer, non-toxic remedies.

Federal agencies who direct oil spill contingency plans are responsible for safeguarding our natural resources and public health. Pedigo asserts that, in stark contrast to their mandate, they have seemingly favored dangerous “cleanup” methods utilizing toxic dispersents which independent studies have shown to be harmful to marine life and human health. During the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) crisis, numerous Gulf state officials including Louisiana Senator AG Crowe and Alabama Senator Hank Erwin and Mississippi Senator Tommy Gollot, were deeply concerned over the excessive use of Corexit, the highly toxic chemical dispersant applied in massive doses to Gulf waters in order to sink the oil. These senators specifically requested the use of OSE II as a preferred method of addressing the spill (http://osei.us/news-updates) Senator Crowe even sent a letter to President Obama (http://www.agcrowe.com/pg-51-49-Letter-To-Obama.aspx). Despite repeated requests, the EPA continued to support the use of dispersants and denied usage of OSE II---even after years of field tests and use proving it’s efficacy, safety, and speed at which it can clean up close to 100% of an oil spill at a fraction of traditional cost. Some of the most recent tests were conducted by, among others, a BP science team, and the Department of Interior, showing superior results.

“The Administrator of NOAA Jane Lubchenco, EPA officials and other senior members of the interagency committee have publically admitted that in the end, only 8% of the spilled oil in the Gulf was actually removed, yet seemingly ignore these statistical realities, by asserting that they directed a ‘successful spill response,’ –an utter falsehood,” said Pedigo.

According to BP’s recent court filing, 810,000 barrels of oil that actually never polluted the waters since it was recovered directly from the riser pipe were included in the reports overall statistic of oil cleaned up. This casts doubt on EPA/NOAA’s calculations that ‘25% of the oil was cleaned up’ as part of the federally directed response since a large percentage of this was ‘BP recovered oil’. Regardless, the disputed spill volume and removal figures raise the question – what happened to the remainder of the more than 100 million barrels of oil left in the Gulf of Mexico and how are the continued slicks and seeps from the fractured seabed floor in the Macondo zone being handed? “The EPA and Coast Guard seem to think that nature will take care of the rest and are taking no action; but independent science proves differently. An honest evaluation would show that the toxicity added by their clean up chemicals does not remove the spill but just sinks most of the oil compared to OSE II which will remove nearly 100% of the oil including the toxic dispersants residing in the water column and the sea floor,” continued Pedigo.

Amongst a large number of industry and independent science groups, an international environmental organization the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) has investigated the product. Comparing its efficacy of oil cleanup and potential impact on responders with other methods proposed has resulted in their advocacy of its use. “This method is already safely used in 30 countries around the world. The 21st Century Business TV Show featuring this means is a good starting point for raising public and oil industry awareness that there are better solutions out there which will save billions in clean up costs, damage claims and Clean Water Act fines, not to mention protecting human health and the environment. We encourage industry leaders, environmental groups and federal officials in this field to urgently review current methodology for the sake of all living organisms on this earth that rely on clean water,” said Barbara Wiseman, LAEO International President.

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