EGOODS Las Vegas -- Las Vegas at Your Fingertips

EGOODS Las Vegas is proud to introduce direct, concise, streamlined, unbiased and easy access to Las Vegas entertainment, travel, restaurants, shopping, hotels and sports. It's all at

EGOODS Las Vegas -- Las Vegas at Your Fingertips
Chicago, IL, August 25, 2007 --( EGOODS Las Vegas has issued first period operational results and is overwhelmed by the success in providing a no nonsense web site providing easy access in a direct, concise, streamlined, and unbiased approach.
Management of EGOODS Las Vegas identified an opportunity based on marketing research which confirmed consumer user assessments that the number one complaint about Las Vegas search information is the immediate frustration that occurs due to the excessive amount of data that must be filtered before finding the specific request.

If you want it, Las Vegas has it. That is the problem. Not only do many sites capture all that Las Vegas has to offer, but the data is contaminated by an excessive amount of subjective comments, personal stories, and opinions. Information overload competes with the short amount of available time and allotted attention span. Most users seek other options within a relatively short period of time when initial search requests have not been readily identified. "Click in ... Click out." This CI/CO scenario is a major concern to advertisers. If the user's interest cannot be captured within the first few seconds, they have been lost. Advertising dollars have not been used effectively. Streamlined website content is critical. The advertiser realizes little value when the user clicks out immediately.

EGOODS Las Vegas site design is based on feedback from study groups and incorporates twelve categories that includes: Casinos , Travel , Restaurants, Sports, Shopping, Florists, and Hotels. Each category captures a wide range of data base with direct link to the appropriate home page.

President of EGOODS Las Vegas, Damian G. Kosempa, comments, "This latest venture provides a design for web site usage that is extremely simple and user friendly. It provides immediate and easy access to the most relevant Las Vegas information. Initial feedback from our user base confirms this assessment. It's simple, it's to the point and we have found that it is what our users want and evidently expect."

Planning a trip to Las Vegas. "We make it simple for you."
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