The Skajaquoda Group Prepares to Expand with New Headquarters

The Skajaquoda Group Prepares to Expand with New Headquarters
Clarkfield, MN, September 19, 2013 --( The Skajaquoda Group recently moved their headquarters from Claymont, Delaware to a much larger building in Clarkfield, Minnesota. The new headquarters will house Skajaquoda and their research facility. The relocation to a larger building will be a valuable asset for growth in the market and the overall expansion of the company.

The new 144.000 square-foot building allows Skajaquoda to open a new research facility. The expansion benefits the Skajaquoda Group because it allows for greater and more advanced research and development, which will enable the company to develop cutting edge technology for the future challenges and needs of our world’s growing population. Skajaquoda aims to evolve technological solutions that will minimize human pollution and global impact as well as restore balance to our ecosystem. The expansion of their headquarters will also enable Skajaquoda to provide services and products to more clients, consequently diversifying their client base to a greater extent. Skajaquoda Group is an investment firm quoted on the OTC (ticker symbol: SKAJ) that invests according to its socially responsible investment policy. Furthermore, moving the company to a larger headquarters will provide jobs, as the companies will need to recruit more employees to accommodate for this expansion. The relocation of Skajaquoda’s headquarters is an important factor for the company, which has up to this point only been an investment company. Skajaquoda proudly announces that they will soon launch a completely new research program that deals with renewable energy, which makes them a progressive company offering financial solutions, research, and development in renewable energy. Skajaquoda aims to begin operating its renewable research facility in their new headquarters before the end of the year. Skajaquoda plans to research and develop improvements for current renewable energy technology and take today’s technology to the next level.
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