Motor Homes & Diesel Trucks Can Save Fuel Using Hydrogen – ECOFuelMaximizer

Summer is here and over the road Diesel owners are doing all they can to increase their MPG.

Motor Homes & Diesel Trucks Can Save Fuel Using Hydrogen – ECOFuelMaximizer
West Palm Beach, FL, June 25, 2014 --( There are two proven and guaranteed methods how Diesel Motor Home and Truckers can save fuel in a cost effective manner.

1. ECOFuelMaximizer which is a patented fuel vaporizer that requires No Chemicals or Maintenance. It is a low cost solution that can last 40 years. Prices range from $270.00 to $450.

2. Hydro Dynamo Booster is a state of the art Hydrogen Booster specifically designed for Diesel engines. It has a satisfaction Guarantee, Units for Diesels start at $595.

The ECOFuelMaximizer has been around for over 10 years and is installed on thousands on School Buses, Police Cars, Buses, Motor Homes, Trucks and Marine diesel engines. NASA has been using it for years. European, Central and South American countries with poor fuel quality depend on the ECO System to reorganize fuel molecules and help an engine burn cleaner and run more efficiently.

Fuel savings range from 6.5% to 25%. It can help reduce carbon footprint as much as +/-60%. The ECO Fuel Maximizer’s big benefit is the reduction of REGEN maintenance 40% to 60%. It will not affect the computer system on any engine, new or old.

The Hydro Dynamo Hydrogen Booster is one of the most advanced and efficient Hydrogen Boosters on the market. Diesel applications using both products together have experienced increased power, smoother running and an improvement of fuel efficiency as much as +/-40%. It can help reduce carbon footprint as much as +/-90%.

Businesses, Independent Truckers, Transport Companies, Delivery, Marine and Individual owners have been using the Hydro Dynamo Boosters with great success for over 20 years.

The Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc. team has embraced every opportunity to reduce Carbon Pollution and increase fuel efficiency since 1999. The time for the public to act is now! Due to recent discoveries the technologies are available to increase MPG and reduce Carbon Pollution. We need to help reduce pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. Individuals and Companies who are interested in learning more about Fuel efficiency and Pollution reduction call or email for the latest information and updates.

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