Rentricity Starts First Irrigation In-Pipe Hydro Clean Energy Project in Idaho

New projects reflect a growing interest in energy recovery technology for irrigation water pipeline infrastructure.

Rentricity Starts First Irrigation In-Pipe Hydro Clean Energy Project in Idaho
New York, NY, October 07, 2014 --( Rentricity Inc., the innovative in-pipe hydropower clean energy company located in New York City has commenced its first project in the State of Idaho. Rentricity’s Flow-to-Wire™ system captures excess pressure and flow within gravity-fed water distribution pipelines, converting it into clean energy for the electric grid or the customer's onsite use. The four sites located within the Cub River Irrigation System (CRIC) in Idaho represent the first in the state adding to Rentricity’s portfolio of 7 projects in California, Canada, Pennsylvania, Vermont and New Hampshire.

The Cub River project which is part of a new irrigation pipeline upgrade, represents Rentricity's first installation of a 4-turbine system and first in irrigation water flow that will manage pressure, while generating more than 325 kilowatts of clean electricity. “Cub River is excited about the opportunity to use our irrigation flows to also create clean energy offsetting operating costs for our system,” says Donald Baldwin, President of CRIC. “The project will move us from a net consumer of power to pump and pressurize irrigation water for our consortium members to a net exporter of power to the grid which will pay dividends,” he added. Eric Franson, Managing Partner of Franson Civil Engineers adds, “Rentricity is our best choice to seamlessly work with our engineering team to fully integrate the pipeline and energy recovery portions of the project.”

“Rentricity is excited to start work in Idaho which is the Company’s first in the state,” said Al Spinell, Co-founder and Advisor. He added “The Company continues to see rising interest in the high capacity and strong paybacks in Rentricity’s in-pipe hydro solution which can provide predictable, clean electricity to the grid or within buildings.” Over 100 billion gallons of water a day flows through pipes for agriculture and represents a huge market for in-pipe energy recovery.

Rentricity is scheduled to complete projects in California, Pennsylvania and Canada in 2014 representing an additional 365kW of clean in-pipe hydro production. Rentricity is now entertaining inquiries from the chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical and food processing industry; all large users of gravity-fed water with corporate sustainability objectives.

About Rentricity Inc.
Rentricity Inc. ( is the nation’s leader in producing clean, renewable energy from hydrokinetic applications in potable drinking water distribution systems, industrial water systems, and wastewater systems. The Company, a graduate of NYC’s cleantech incubator, the Accelerator for a Clean & Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE). is based at 175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013.

About Franson Civil Engineering
Franson Civil Engineers is a Utah corporation with offices located in American Fork. Founded in 1989, the firm's entire focus is on water resources engineering. FCE engineers and senior staff have spent their entire careers working with water resource development and have extensive experience in planning, environmental documents, design, construction management, and operation and maintenance of water-related projects.

About Cub River Irrigation System
The Cub River Irrigation Co (CRIC) is a non-profit corporation located in Lewiston, Utah. The CRIC maintains and implements irrigation canals and systems for agricultural purposes.
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