Wild Women Unite Founder Handing Reins to Domestic Violence Advocate Suzanne Perry

Yvonne Folck, Founder of Wild Women Unite which encourages women to explore the outdoors, announced today she has named Suzanne Perry, Founder of Love Shouldn’t Hurt.TV to assume her role for Wild Women Unite Buffalo. The new partnership will allow Wild Women Unite outdoor events to provide much needed funding to help those impacted by domestic violence.

Wild Women Unite Founder Handing Reins to Domestic Violence Advocate Suzanne Perry
Cheektowaga, NY, February 17, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Yvonne Folck is the original Wild Woman.

Folck is founder of Wild Women Unite, an organization that invites women to gear up, get outdoors and play. Yvonne’s vision takes form during her “Wild Women Unite Weekend” where hundreds of women try several activities they never imagined attempting before; such as zip lining, kayaking, foraging, shooting at a gun range, learning self-defense, or running an outdoors obstacle course.

Folck stated, “I started Wild Women Unite to empower women through making them more comfortable and safe in the outdoors. I believe that if a woman knows she is capable of ‘taming her environment,’ she will be able to face any battle with grace, dignity and strength.”

A special meeting took place at Cabela’s in Cheektowaga today in which Folck announced her departure from the area and that she would be handing the reins to domestic violence advocate Suzanne Perry. Cabela's is a strong supporter of the effort.

“In 2014, Buffalo and western New York ‘wild women’ made Wild Women Unite a great success; and you have made it clear that you want more. To assure the Wild Women of Buffalo and beyond of many more events, I am excited to pass the leadership of Wild Women Unite Buffalo to the most competent and wild woman I know, Ms. Suzanne Perry!”

This year's Wild Women Unite Weekend takes place October 2 and 3 on Grand Island.

Perry was a long-term victim of domestic violence who not only broke her silence; but went public, and founded a nonprofit organization, Love Shouldn’t Hurt.TV. It received 501(c)3 status during last year’s Wild Women Unite event, which Perry announced as she gave an excited speech to the women on opening night.

Perry will launch Wild Women Unite Buffalo, and carry on Folck’s vision.

Folck continued, “I know Suzanne will take this event forward with new enthusiasm and determination and make it better than it was. At the same time, this event will serve as the signature fundraiser for the ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ organization which provides education and support to stop domestic violence and empower women.”

When asked for comment, Perry said, “I’ve been working so hard developing this nonprofit and funding has always been a challenge. Yvonne is an angel to bestow her creation to me. It’s a huge honor to be even considered to take and raise her baby and at the same time, growing the capacity to help men and women victims of domestic violence. This is better than a dream come true!”

Folck plans on starting up Wild Women Unite in her new home town. She will attend this year’s event under Perry’s command, and Perry will attend when Folck launches.

Folck added, “This makes the best ‘win-win’ we Wild Women could ever hope for!”
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